Thursday, July 2, 2009

I Almost Died While Working Out

I decided to go ahead and try the gym my mother saw on the magazine. Supposedly to go next Tues, but decided to bring forward to today at 11 instead. It's at Blk 201E Tampines St 23, but being lazy I took a cab there. LoL. Before even stepping into the gym, I already had a workout, because it's situated on the 4th storey! Went in and I saw 2 aunties working out on the mat. I sat down and had to fill in some forms. And up till now I still duno that trainer's name! Shit. Anyway, she measured my body fat (which is damn high lah!! *embarrassed*) and told me how many KG of excess fat I should do without. Í need 7.7KG of good fats, 14.7KG of reserve fats (so I won't faint if I don't eat) and I need to get rid of the excess, of which I WON'T MENTION HERE CAUSE IT'S TOO MUCH. LoL. Then she measured my weight and height (shit I shrunk! I'm only 1.68m now...sianz). Then she explained my bmi and water in my body. I only have about 40+% of water in my body, and she says woman must have at least 55%. So I need to drink ALOT of water and lost ALOT of fats. Apparently when fats goes down, lean meat and water goes up. Cool.

And finally after getting all these done, it's time for hell exercise!! The gym basically has 8 stations (1 machine per station) and between each station there's a platform/step. I've to warm up by cycling for 3min (but I did 4 cause she was talking), then on to the first station. Each station is 45sec and then 15sec on platform/step. No stopping in between until all 10 stations are done. *Phew* The workout goes something like this..

1: Training of calfs for 45 sec then 15sec of skipping (with invisible rope).
2: Training of back muscle for 45s then 15s of jumping (left elbow on right knee and right elbow on left knee) ---> I almost died on this one
3: Leg Press - Training of thighs for 45s then 15s of kicking (kick right leg then kick left leg while jumping) ----> I died on this one
4: Training of triceps for 45s then 15s of step exercise
5: Training of biceps for 45s then 15s of twisting (no strength to twist le lor!!)
6: Training of arm - Arm press then 15s of side step
7: Training of leg for 45s then 15s of back step
8: Last station!! Training of back arm muscle for 45s then REST!! YEAH!!

Just when I thought worst is over..the trainer told me that I've to go through the course again!! I'm supposed to go through it TWICE. WTF. I rested a while (less than 5min lor), drank a little water and started from the first station again. I was feeling very light headed by then and I asked the trainer if it's normal. She told me it's normal as long as I don't feel faint. I told her not yet. LoL. And oh ya!! I died by the time I reached the 4th station so she change from weight lifting to lifting dumbells. LoL. I was that tired and that worn out. And after finishing the whole course, guess what? That's not the end!!

I rested, drank some water and it's now mat time!! Time for hell exercise training on the mat!! Did some cunches, hips and legs lifting. This is just tiring, but won't die. Each set of exercise 30 times. Yes..30 times. By 12:10, I'm done. So basically I exercised for almost an hour (minus the administrative work and resting). I made another appt with them to go on Tues, 7pm. LoL. And I didn't even pay the $19 yet. When I was at the stations, I almost wanted to just walk out. But then, after trying the workout, I know I'll definitely slim down. =)

Did I mention that after working out, the trainer told me that I've weak arms and strong legs? LoL. But I wonder why my legs always feel tired after walking in heels for an hour...hmm...

Wana say goodbye to my round round guys can go and check out. =)

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Aaron Peng said...

must update us on how its working wonders for you hor!