Monday, July 20, 2009

The's Wedding - For The Crystal

Today, 19th of July, I witnessed the most memorable wedding ever. Not only because it was held at one of Singapore's 6-star hotels (and the most exp place to hold a wedding - $2K/table) and that many people are big shots, but because a close friend has found her true love and is leaving Singapore. Find the word love in a dictionary and you'll see Crystal and Tony's picture under the description. No kidding.

I know Crystal since poly days in 1999. OK..I know her, but she barely knew my existance then. Our class starts at 8:30am, and she would come in at 9am in her grunge look; khaki shorts with a long dangling silver chain that dangles from waist to pocket, her long and beautiful hair...and not forgetting, she's always late, always very noisy when she enters from the 2nd lvl to the first row on the first lvl and promptly falls asleep. My classmates and I named her 'Sleeping Beauty'. That was in 1999.

In 2000, I had to retain cause I failed 1 out of 4 sup papers (which I think is not bad wor!! LoL). Surprisingly, so did Crystal. OK, it's not that surprising, cause she's late for class and never pays attention in class. During the first day (I didn't attend the orientation wk lah, bo liao...), I realised another guy from my lecture had also retained. So during break, we sat in ITAS canteen and started chatting. Crystal knew Ben then, so when she came into the canteen, naturally she sat down and we started chatting. (Crystal, think you forgot this part right?) This became the start of a straightforward friendship.

We became buddies soon, cause we both smoked. We would go opposite school to smoke during our breaks, and have lunch together everyday. Through her, I got to know many other fellow smokers. =) And soon, we started studying (my foot) and going out together. Mostly to smoke. =P

When I was kicked out in 2001, Crystal nagged a little at me. But then, she also realised it was too late to nag. What she could do was to support me silently (esp when some bitch talked bad about me). And when I decided to return to poly in 2002, Crystal met up with me for lunches (and smoking breaks) and gave me words of wisdom. For someone that young (she's 9 mths younger than me), she has the wisdom of an adult. She's always giving me encouragements (scoldings when I do wrong things) and advices. Whenever I'm around in Newton, I never failed to call her and ask if she wana meet, since she lives so near Newton.

The last time we met, was at my God-son's full month celebration. But before that, I met up with her when I was staying at Scotts The Residence. That was the first time I saw her boyfriend of 3 years. For someone who has lesser relationship experience than me, she sure did a very good job as a gf. I'm really ashamed. Furthermore, they were having a long distance relationship, cause Tony is a New Yorker. Yupz. USA. Close to 12hours difference. Seeing them that night squabbling and looking at each other tenderly, I finally know what real love is. The way they gaze at each other spelt the words 'I Love You'. A short brief dinner with both of them, and I conclude that Crystal is madly in love. Knowing her so long, I had never seen her compromise so much and be so tender and loving before. OMG. The things love can do.

And tonight, they were 'wed'. They have yet to register for their marriage, cause they're going back to USA to register. I know I'm losing a friend to distance and time, but I know she's blissful and happy. Cause tonight, they have shown everyone around what love is. Crystal, I wish you happiness and love. You're the friend I've always needed to give me a push. Thank you for everything. Did I mentioned that you look great and beautiful today? Well, you do. =) And Tony? Look after my friend. Give her the love and respect she deserves..and may love between both of you be everlasting, in sickness or in health..through thick or thin. =) And get a bigger house k! I don't wana be sleeping in the basement with the gym equipments!! LoL. Kidding!! You guys really complement each other. May there be little Tonys and Crystals running around your apartment soon! I love both of you!!


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Haha... thanks for coming. It was an honor to have you there and hope you enjoyed yourself!