Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What Is A Friend?

Was inspired by Qin Lei's msn nick. Her nick is 当人有难时,有朋友陪在身边,是最好的。 Then I told her what a friend is. So I decided to share.


That's the Chinese version. Let me describe one of my friend of many years...
When I'm down, she'll accompany me and just cancel all her dates
When I'm sad, she'll be sad too
When I'm happy, she'll be happy
When I'm confused, she'll show me the way or give me advice
When I'm angry, she'll ask me what's wrong and stand on my side
When I vent my anger on her, she forgives me without me having to say I'm sorry
When I don't contact her for a very long time, she lets me be
When I DO contact her after a long time, she'll say,"Finally! I missed you!!"
When we meet up after a long time, it seemed as though we had never stop contacting at all......
When I'm getting fat or slacking in my studies, she'll nag AND encourage me.
Mostly, she accepts who I am. Thank you for being this friend, Erin!! =)

There's another type though. One that silently encourages...

When I'm down, she'll ask me if I want to talk or ask me out for kopi
When I'm sad or out of love, she'll let me cry and nag and complain, even if she's sleeping
When I'm happy, she'll be happier
When I'm confused, she'll sit and listen cause she knows I'm not that confused at all
When I'm angry, she'll ask me out for drink
When I had my wisdom tooth taken out, she came to visit me
When I wanted to exercise, she'll be the first to jump at the chance
She'll stand up to people who tell untruth about me.
She's direct with me, will tell me the faults I have.
Mostly, she can tahan me. Thank you for being this silent friend, Suefong!! =)

How can I not write about the third friend who's ALWAYS lending me her ear?

When I'm down, she'll ask me if I'm OK
When I'm angry, she'll let me curse and swear..even though we're in public
When I'm happy, she'll be happy too!
When I'm confused, she'll help me to weigh my pros and cons
When I need someone to tutor me, she'll be there
When I think I cannot do it, she'll believe in me.
When I need someone to exercise with me, she'll accompany me.
When I need someone to accompany me to places (collection off The Sims 3!!), she'll bear the sun with me
She might not always be there, but I know she'll be there when she can. Thank you for being such a friend, Huiling!! =)

My pics with them...back in 2005/2006..enjoy!!

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