Saturday, August 1, 2009

KFC Website Kena Hacked

Chew MSN-ed me and told me to go KFC's website and have a look. He told me KFC webby kena hacked. Didn't believed it at first...but then...

LOL!! KFC really kena hacked!! It was hacked by this person somemore..

LoL. I wana laugh cause...WHY HACK KFC OF ALL WEBBIES? Why not Macs? Or Pastamania? Maybe KFC pissed the hacked off so much that he just wana hack it. But apparently still can access to other pages on the site. The hacker only added his pictures in the main page nia. Chey..LoL. Thought it's hacked in such a way can't order food or see menu. But still can leh. Whatever it is, damn sway la!! *Can't stop laughing*

Update: KFC had "unhacked" the website liao

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