Sunday, August 23, 2009

I'm in Australia!!

Howdy mates!! I've arrived safely (but tired) in Sydney, Australia at 1030am Aussie time!!! Which is 830am SG time. My God!! There were a couple of cute guys on the plane lor. And because didn't check in ourselves, I got separated with Stacie. I sat with Huda, who is my roomie, and Jeffrey, the coordinator for this trip. It seemed so unreal when we landed. I'm in AUST!! Haha!

Something funny happened. While waiting for the luggage, I saw a dog (Beagle) and was staring at it cause it was so cute. And the man (custom officer) saw and asked if I wanted a hug. I laughed and said I would rather hug the dog if he don't mind (softly of course). And suddenly he asked for our declaration form and told us that we've to declare sweets (Mentos and Eclipse), as well as any medication (panadol etc). So we did. And he asked if we want to go to the custom office together, and we were like ya. Suddenly, when we were about to queue to scan our luggages, the very same man opened up a lane for the 5 of us. =P

He said we're very co-operative, and he didn't want to waste our time. He also said that I'm very cheeky and he like me. I swear I was not doing anything except sitting on my luggage. -_-" Then he said he wished he was 20yrs younger (think he around 30+ 40) so he can join us. And he looked at me before we left, telling me that he hoped I get quaruntined in Sydney, so he can see me everyday. WTF. Diaoz..........

Anyway, can't talk much, cause left 24min on the internet and I wana use it for tomorrow de. But lastly, I would like to thank all those who came to send me (and Stacie) off..mainly my poly mates: Jack, Sue, Liang and YC. My UoN classmates: Andrea, Cherie and Chui Mei!! Thanks babes!! Wished you guys were here lor!!! We could have so much fun!! Raaahhh...

OK..gtg. Will update again maybe tomorrow when I log in? Ciaoz! And nights!! (Gotta wake up at 5am SG time tml!! Grrr)

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Anonymous said...

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