Thursday, August 13, 2009

Funny Conversation

Sorry peeps, been busy gaming preparing for exams gaming. Aiyah..was busy with projects..then exams came (tomorrow first paper!). I have no idea why but even though I know I'm not well prepared, I don't feel panicky at all. THIS IS NO GOOD. Whatever. Will try to mug later. Oh yah! You guys can find me on Twitter! My id is @isabellebang. =) Beats coming here to find out about my updates.

The other day I was in the hall trying to study (really, trying very hard but failed! Stupid TV!! Stupid temptations!! Stupid no will power!!) when I asked my dad to guess the price of my butterfly clip (which is just elongated, brown and VERY plain). The conversation goes like this:

Me: Pa!! *Holds up the butterfly clip* Guess how much I bought this for?
Dad: *Eyes me, rolls his eyes and shifts his attention back to the tv program*
Me: PA!! Guess guess guess!! *Excited*
Dad: $0.20?
Me: *Shakes head* Haha!! NO!!
Dad: $2?
Me: Nopez nopez!! More more!!
Dad: Siao ah!! Pay more than $2 for this thing? How much is it?
Mom: *Turns and eye me angrily, like a cat waiting to pounce*
Me: $26!!
Dad: WHAT!! You paid $26 for this piece of shit? Made of gold ah!
Mom: You crazy is it? Too much money ah! $26?!
Me: *Looks down on the hair clip and mumbles* But I bought it when I was working..and it's Evita Peroni!! Made in France leh!
Dad: There got write made in France meh!
Me: Yes yes!! See here!! Got write!
Dad: Crazy! You wear on head how people know it's made in France? Write the words BIGGER lah!! Then everyone will know! Or put the price tag there! Stupid. Buy such expensive thing!
Me: *Mumbles* But I like Evita..Peroni...

I know I'm crazy! I think it's worth less than that since I lost one of the decoration on the clip. My UoN mates also say I crazy when I show them the clip. Haha! OK..time to mug liao. Ciaoz

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