Monday, January 4, 2010

2009 New Year Resolution Review

2009 New Year Resolutions (this wasn't posted up last year. LoL. This was printed and pasted on the wall so I'll be reminded everyday. =))

1. I must attend all lectures unless I’m really sick
Review: I didn't attend ALL lectures, but I did try to attend all. Just on a couple of occassions I was too tired and too lazy. Improvement la!! Haha
2. All homework are to be done before going school
Review: No homework last trimester, and throughout the whole year, I did all my homework before going school. So, yups, did this. So proud!! =)
3. Assignments should not be left till last minute
Review: Err..I think I didn't do this. I work best under stress, and apparently FB was keeping me away from my assignments.'s an addiction I tell you!! But so far so good, results still ok.
4. File all notes accordingly
Review: Nopez...Filed the notes during study week only. But my notes are all still there. Should try to do it this year though.


1. Room must be kept neat (do bi-weekly cleaning)
Review: bed's in such a mess that I can't even turn! Shit man..need to improve alot on this!!
2. Change bed sheets every month
Review: Well..sometimes it exceeds one month and goes into 2...hey my mattress's heavy ok!! It's a queen sized bed leh...with 3 pillows and 1 comforter. Very heavy work...
3. Help out with the chores when applicable
Review: Does cleaning Cinnamon's cage apply? Haha..okok, didn't do this at all. Except an occassional washing of the dishes, which leaves my hands itchy. =(
4. Lesser Quarrels with parents
Review: The first half of the year was fun. Not much quarrels at all. But near the end half of the year, me and my mum kept quarreling. Sigh. Dad too..although lesser quarrels with him nowadays
5. Cook dinner whenever I can
Review: I did!! I even cooked for my parents lor!!

1. Do not eat any food after 8pm
Review: Hmm...most of the time la. Once in a blue moon I'll eat after 8pm. =)
2. Drink more water
Review: Drink alot of water lor!!
3. Do exercise at least twice a week
Review: Yes!! ever since joined the gym, I'm trying to hit 3 times a week!!
4. Lose 8kgs within a year
Review: Sadly, I didn't lose 8kg. I gained 8kg..but heng I lost 3kg by Dec 31st!! So technically I gained 5kgs!!
5. Eat lesser
Review: I eat much lesser dinner now. During study week and holidays, I eat alot during the day, and at night, I don't really eat much at all. =)
6. Do not drink cold water
Review: Can't. It's a habit I can't kick. =)
7. Sleep early (latest 1am!!)
Review: Done-ed. Nuff said.
8. Eat and apply medications daily to keep psoriasis under control
Review: Apparently not only psoriasis. Add eczema to it too!! =(

1. Stay happy be happy must smile everyday
Review: Yupz!! I did this!! I'm a much happier person in 2009 as compared to 2008!! =)
2. Spend more time with family, friends & cinnamon
Review: Hello, I'm single. Haha. I have all the time to spend with them lor. Even watched movie with my parents!!
3. Spend lesser money
Review: I'm trying very hard. =(
4. Do / learn something I would not normally do/learn
(e.g. voluntary work / learn swimming / learn tennis)
Review: I joined a gym!! Hahahaha
5. Less swearing / vulgarities
Review: Only 3 vulgarities only hor...knn, cb and fuck!! Hahaha
6. Stick to the resolutions!!
Review: I tried. Can't say I didn't. And I'm satisfied with the results. Room for improvement for 2010 ma!! Haha!! =)

As for 2010's resolutions...another day ba!! Hahahaha..Have roughly in mind what I need to improve on le!! Happy New Year everyone!! Have you made your new year resolutions yet?