Monday, January 25, 2010

Extra Blog - Rantings

I just created a new blog, to rant about happenings in school. Things I'm unhappy about, but unable to put in this blog cause too many of my classmates are reading this blog. My new address is I choose wordpress cause I can lock the posts that I think are sensitive, therefore if you wana read it, ask me for the password. I might not give, cause I might have written about you. I might not give, cause it might be someone close to you. Haha..many reasons that I might not give out la. But then my poly friends, you're more than welcome to get the password from me. And no, it's not my birth date. =)

Felt so much better after typing out what has been bothering me today. Slightly that is. When I grad, that blog will be nothing but a history. Who knows, will open a new blog named as xy work rantings. Haha!! OK..ciaoz. I'm so tired out from waking up so early today. Tomorrow gotta wake up early too! Nitez all!

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