Saturday, January 14, 2006

14 Jan 2006, Saturday

Forgot to wish Wenjie a birthday on 11th Jan. Kor, happy birthday! *BIG HUGZ* Angel's birthday is today. Yi yi, happy birthday also! *Big hug + sloppy kiss* Both of you old le!!!!! Oh yah, Patrick's birthday on Sunday, so happy early advance birthday ex-kor! Haha.
Just came home not long ago from 631 kopidiam. Met up with Nel, Meng, Mike, Shuhui, Spencer, David and Jayven. Sue joined for about 20-30min then go home le. They tempted me with crabs!! I cannot eat seafood, and they ate infront of me! Even shifted the whole plate under my nose so I could smell it. Argh. Baddies. Just finished playing pool with my blog's newest fan, MENG!! LoL. Okies! Itinerary for yesterday..

1. Pre Interview
2. Interview At 3i Infotech
3. Post Interview
4. Movie (Pre to Post)
5. "Breakfast-Cum-Lunch-Cum-Dinner" at 631

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