Friday, August 11, 2006

11 August 2006, Friday


I desperately need sleep. Argh! Must be those aromatheraphy. I went for retail theraphy on Wednesday after quarreling with my parents. Again. Ya I know. What else is new? So I bought the oil...Moonflower, Rose and Passionfruit. The first night I used Moonflower, whole room very nice smellng! Before going to bed I added Rose. Damn..feel sleepy liaoz. Yesterday I added passionfruit...piangz like very sour. Added Rose in and I felt sleepy after awhile. SHIOK!! At 10+pm, I'm ready for bed. Haha. But in the end also slept at 1am, cause was playing maple with HL and Feng. Haha!
Today Friday le! Now it's 12pm, half the day gone. Still got 6 hours to knock off then I can go collect my contacts already. $300 lehz!!! bank gonna cut back by $300. Sianz. Argh I'm soooooooooo bored at work. Huiling go back school le, nobody chat with me in msn. Sob. Sue oso too busy to come online. Feng busy. Sob. Nobody chat with me....

Pissed off

Some people are just so disrespectful. They think they can just come in, make some comments and everyone will like him/her. I'm talking about this guy in wholivesnearyou. Most of the forum topics are for and from my BR gang. We meet up from time to time, go out together, had dinner and all those shit. When we're busy we chat inside the forum. Then this guy comes along. All were nice to him, even I stopped my fingers from typing sarcarstic words to him. Suddenly he keeps telling everyone he goes out with pretty babes and all that. Hinting to us that he's a babe magnet. I was like, hmmz this guy is so xia lan, so I just typed a few comments, saying that maybe the girls treat him as a jiemei or whatever, trying to hint that the reason they go out with him is NOT because he's good looking, which, by the way he's not. He started blogging in the forum too. Jayven just told him that he's blogging in the wrong place, as a joke, and he became so defensive and started to shoot us back. Obviously he must had asked those "pretty babes" of his to come see what we've typed and they tried to shoot us back. One of their comments was (to another girl from my group) and I quote: "
yea...stingray so cute..he onli jio nice looking girls cum he nv jio u one har? funni lei..hahaha Stingray always will have nice girls ard i noe why he nv ask u... " Piangz, it's like WTF. If someone insults your friend like that you can tahan or not? Somemore wants me to apologize to Stingray for saying he's a jiemei? Then what about this? Bloody hell. 18 year old kids. Get yourself in school! Punk! She started a new topic to "indirectly" asking me to apologize to her friend. Well, too bad, cause you insulted my friend first. Even Diana also asked me if those 3 brainless people got problem. She also can't stand them. Kaoz. *PTUI*

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