Monday, February 12, 2007

12 February 2007, Monday

Monday again

Oh fuck. It's Monday. Except today i'm unexceptionally tired. Of course lah! I didn't sleep on Sunday lehz!! I was up at 8:30, dilly dally abit and I was out to Yishun for my "work". Helping Thomas out leh, last year helped him wrap, this year also wrap. Wrap flowers that is. I got on the cab and told the uncle that I want to go Canberra Drive. He asked if it's near Sembawang. From what I remembered, Thomas' house is nearer to Yishun, but I told uncle I don't know. Maybe I wrong leh? I asked if he has $50 change as I don't have small notes. Cause from my house to Yishun, should take around $15? Then he screamed and say he don't have. Stupid....after awhile he kept quiet so I take it that he actually have $50 change.
Anyway I sat on the cab, about to doze off, then I saw familiar sights. I'd been to Thomas' Yishun house before, had stayed there for 2 nights also. So somewhat familiar...then suddenly everything looked strange. I mean, it's a different feeling, kind of distant, never seen before place.

Uncle turned and told me, "This is Canberra Road"
Me: But I want to go Canberra DRIVE.
Uncle: Yes yes, Canberra Drive is just further down.
Me: Orh *Looking around at unfamiliar sights*
Uncle: Eh you going which block huh?
Me: I'm going condo leh
Uncle: Piang you never tell me properly! Condo is up leh! Now we're going down. *Grumbles grumbles, makes a U-turn*
Me: I said I was going Canberra DRIVE.
Uncle: Yes lah, you never told me you're going condo.
Me: *Speechless*

FYI, at Canberra Drive, there's ONLY condos. FUCK U uncle.

Uncle: *Stops the cab and takes out his street directory*
Me: *Hums and act innocent, debating whether to ask Thomas come pick me up at Canberra Road instead*
Uncle: We're at Sembawang leh. The place you want to go is Yishun. You never tell me.
Me: I don't know the place well what.
Uncle: Nevermind, it's just go back to where we came from. *Drives away*
Me: *Faint*
Uncle: There the 2 condos at Canberra Drive. Correct or not?
Me: *Excited* Yes yes!! The last condo there!'
Uncle: Last condo hor, ok. *Drives in*
Uncle: *Stops the meter* I charge you $16 can le.
Me: Nevermind lah, meter says $18 I pay $18 lor
Uncle: It's ok. Return you $34.
Me: Thank you! Bye.

Got out of the cab and started praying Thomas won't kill me. Duno he'll buy my story or not. to search for his block. Found it and got into the lift. Was about to check my hp for his address when his call. Halfway thru the ringing, it stopped. No reception. I forgot. Yishun Sapphire's reception very lousy. Very ulu place ma. I went to his house and ding dong. Haha. Went in, saw Exo and Thomas. They brought me to the room and intro a girl to me. Initially I thought she's the other helper, but then she was just using Thomas' place to do the flowers also. Chey. But nevermind lah, at least got char bor, like that my mom and Weifeng can relax abit.

Realised that Exo didn't de-thorn the roses! FUCK! I reached the condo like 1140hrs, and they were there since 10am? Nothing done. Kaoz. Can't even start wrapping. Thomas and Exo even went out, leaving me and Joey behind. I started wrapping the roses at the bud, forcing them NOT to open until the cover is taken away. Joey by this time had already finished de-thorning her flowers and asked me how to wrap. So I took 12 red roses and demonstrated to her. Damn, by the time Thomas and Exo returned, I had made a mess out of my work area. Nothing to be surprise mah, my room is also messy. Haha! Had chicken rice for lunch, and went to smoke with Joey and Thomas. By 6pm, I had finished wrapping 20 bouquets of roses. I HATE ROSES. Hmph! I even wrapped 5 bouquets of sunflowers, 4 bouquets of tulips. ARGH!!

See? Nice nice flowers...all I wrap de. And once again, Thomas under-estimate me. I wrapped more flowers than he thought I could, and by 6pm, I had finished wrapping all the available roses. And Thomas had run out of ribbons. Haha! By 930pm, I was ready to go home, but Thomas had an urgent order that he needs me to wrap. I really feel like just walking off. Really wana cry, cause I'm tired. My back ache from sitting on the floor the whole day, my body is feeling weird from going in and out of the aircon room. I'm tired and I need to work on Monday. Stupid Thomas just don't let me go and he went out to purchase the pink roses. Like fuck.

I was so bored, Joey asked me to go to the swimming pool to chat. We went there and smoked, and realised that she was Kevin's first gf. Wow!! Just imagine Thomas intro us, Joey meet Xueyu, Kevin's latest ex. Xueyu, meet Joey, Kevin's first ex. LoL. Joey is a nice girl, and we sort of chatted and she asked if Weifeng would be the one for me. I told her, Weifeng is stable. We're leading a married life now, boring. Everytime ask Weifeng go where, he sure find east side to go de. Si bey du lan. He won't ask me go beyond Bugis unless his friend jio. Very pissed off lor. But then rather a stable one than one like Kevin. =P

Chatted until 11pm, then we went back to the condo. She carried on wrapping her flowers whereas I was preparing the ferns and statices and baby's breath for the 22 stalks of pink roses. To whoever bought the 22 roses, YOU SUCK! Just to make your gf happy, I had sacrificed my time to do it for you, whereas I could have been home, doing my V-day surprise for Weifeng. Curse you!!! HMPH!!

Thomas finally send me home at 1140pm. Tired, shagged out. Reached home was about 12+ le. Mom screwed me upside down for coming home so late. Dad didn't even want to talk to me. Damn. Later tonight I still have to go down Yishun. Piangz...woke up with a fever this morning, almost didn't want to go work. But boh bian, today boss and manager come back le. Somemore Tuesday last day of work, Wed onwards off for CNY until 25th. So better tahan awhile. ARGH!! Tues night staying at Yishun!! Anyone wana go jacuzzi?

New Puzzle
Pretty or not? 1000PCS lehz. I rarely have the patience to do anything, let to say puzzle. Somemore 1000PCS. I must be crazy. When I bought this on Sat, Weifeng quarreled with me. He said that I'm spending $100 on puzzle instead of saving up for our future. -_-"

Anyway, after awhile, we both cooled down and decided to go my house to do the puzzle. After Weifeng helped me pick out the corners and edges, I started doing it. Just doing the edge alone makes me want to give up. I'm like a kid when it comes to doing puzzle. I keep talking to myself non-stop and I keep pushing Weifeng's hands away cause I want to do it alone. Yet I need help. LoL. Actually he wanted to go home, but by the time we finished doing the edges, it was already 12+am. He was lazy to walk back, so we continued to do the puzzle until it was 2am. Then we went to sleep. Then next day went to work. Fuck.....what trouble had I gotten myself into......... *sob*

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