Thursday, February 15, 2007

14 February 2007, Wednesday

Why send flowers to my office?

On 13th feb, one day before Vday, I received flowers from Feng. I don't know why but when Yen came to the store (I was working from our storeroom that day as my comp at work was sent for repairs) and told me that I got flowers, the first person I thought of wasn't Feng. I mean, we're going out on Vday, he could have given me on that day itself right? I was a little excited, thinkin it might be the sales engineer from upstairs. I saw the flowers, and Feng called me. I can't help but realise there is no excitement or joy when I saw those flowers. Maybe because this is the third time he sent to my office, or maybe just maybe, cause I was expecting him to give it to me on the 14th. Anyway after work, 13th was my last day of work and my company is closed for CNY celebrations, I went to Yishun to continue wrapping the flowers.

I called Feng on the way to Yishun, and he asked me why I was unhappy. I told him I expected the flowers from him on 14th itself, not 13th. He told me he wanted me to show off to my collegues, but then isn't it better to show off to strangers on the streets? More seh bin to carry flowers on 14th than on 13th leh. Sometimes his ideas are there, but just so slightly wrong. U know what I mean.

Old love, new love?

I was sitting chatting with Joey and Exo, sometime after midnight, and Kevin came over. He was rather sweet when he learned that I had a headache. He brought me my panadol and my water and even gave me a massage. He coaxed me into drinking water just like old times when we were together. Very sweet. But the we are friends only now. And it was weird initially when I first saw him. I mean, it had been 1yr+ since I had actually chatted or seen him. But funnily, we talked as if nothing had actually ever happened between us. We are like, back to the days before we were together. Just good friends. It was really funny. I mean..something did happened between us, yet we are still so comfortable with each other. Maybe it's just me. Or maybe we're both goot actor and actress.

Anyway, the sales engineer from my upstairs office sms me at around 2+am. This is the first time he messaged me on his own accord. He told me to take a break, blah blah blah. Seeing the message, I melted. I had just "forced" him to admit that he like me earlier on. Haha! And thru his msg, can see he really is slightly interested in me. Keep asking me to be careful of the thorns. Even Feng didn't ask me to take a break. Sigh. Any girl would tend to fall for...let's give him a nick. Call him 'J' ba. I mean the way J treats me, if it were to happen to other girls, they would tend to be swayed also. Which girl doesn't like, wait....change, which FEMALE wouldn't like the feeling of being chased, treasured, loved and appreciated? J skype me everyday in office. what if he's my "during-office-hours-bf"? LoL. He self proclaimed de. He's my bf from 9am-6pm, excluding when he has to meet clients and lunch. Everyone in both our offices are trying to match us up together. Including his buddy, whom had already left the company. Sigh. I asked Desmond, who is J's buddy if J liked me. Desmond's reply was "I think so. He never actually tell me but can sense it." Woo....oh yah. Don't blur. J and I share the same boss, but different managers. We are 2 different companies but owned by the same boss. That's how we get to know each other de. Furthermore we had worked together on the D&D last year. LoL. Sigh. But I seriously duno if I like him. Sure, will like a little. I even told Feng about it. We ended up in a big quarrel. Hey, J makes me feel loved lehz.....whereas the r/s with Feng had...well, turned sour recently. Argh! Drop this topic ba....

Vday! Shagged out

Finished wrapping the flowers at around 3+am, went downstairs and had a chat with Joey. Although I know little about Joey and had only seen each other a few times, but we were comfortable confiding in each other. Joey is a female please. I do talk to females too you know. Anyway, we chatted until 4+am, where Joey went home and I proceed to sleep on Thomas' couch. Woke up at around 8+am, and started stoning around. Thomas told me to stay for awhile more as he is short of 2 bouquets, and he'll return with the flowers for me to wrap. I messaged Feng and asked him to come over to help me carry my stuff. I brought my bikini, my tee and shorts, as Thomas promised to bring me to the jacuzzi at the condo. Damn. Didn't have the chance. So hor, the clothes all very heavy lor. I left Thomas' house at 9+am and started wandering around the condo compound till 10+am, till Feng reached. Just so happened that when he reach, Thomas and Exo are back from buying the tulips. I went upstairs, wrapped the flowers, and then went off with Feng. By then it was already 12+pm. I had wanted to bake the cheesecake for him weeks ago. Cause I really had no idea what to buy for him on Vday. So I decided to bake him a cake. But how to when he's here with me? We went to Sheng Shiong and NTUC at reservoir and bought the ingredients. Had a quick lunch then back to my house. We started baking the cake after I bathe. While waiting for the cheesecake to bake, he started doing the puzzle I gave him whereas I tried to finish mine.
And I finished mine!! It took me less than a week!! Finally finished 1000PCS le! It's an acomplishment ok. I never got around finishing my jigsaw puzzles if they're more than 700PCS. Haha! Can see from the picture that his jigsaw very small hor? Small but it's 208PCS wor. The pieces are so small till u need to use a tweezer de. Wanted to make for him but then hor, I gave up trying to make the border. I guess my patience is still very bad. Haha! Anyway, we stayed around the house till about 5+, when the cake was baked. It actually tastes nicer than it looked. Really. I swear. Cause that's what his mom, his brother and my parents said. We cut it into 10 pieces, had a piece each and then I went to sleep. I was totally shagged out from helping Thomas wrap flowers since Sunday. We are going to Secret Garden for dinner later!! Yay!!! Can't wait. I guess...despite all my grumblings and complaints, I reallyb did enjoyed myself tonight. Thank you dear. You really outdid yourself, thank you for everything! Love u!! Despite my complains, you really did a great job. Thank you for giving me such a memorable day.

Vday Pictures

A picture says a thousand words. Very lazy to type le. Just enjoy the photos ba.

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