Sunday, March 4, 2007

4th March 2007, Sunday

Today is Eastern V-day. I wanted to ask Feng to go ang pao river with me. I messaged him. He called back and asked me to go with Jiawei and Erin. I told him Jiawei just went through a breakup recently and it's not such a good idea to ask him accompany to Ang Pao river on a Chinese V-day. Feng said the more Jiawei should go with me. I retorted that today is Vday, Chinese Vday, shouldn't I be celebrating with him instead? He told me that he don't like going to Ang Pao river. He's tired. He don't feel like going out. And even complained that we should have went yesterday. But when I asked him where he wanted to go yesterday, he told me he's feeling lazy and the weather ain't very good. He suggested Tampines. Today he told me I should have asked if he wanted to go Ang Pao river, I asked him to go just this once with me. He says he hated the idea. I don't know why but tears just started flowing out.
Shouldn't a man do things to make the woman he loves, smile? Shouldn't he try to accompany her to do something that she would love? And I so wanted to go Ang Pao river. Just too disappointing...couldn't stop crying. My heart broke in 2......Happy Chinese Vday everyone. Hope you have a happy one....unlike me............

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