Monday, March 26, 2007

26th March 2007, Monday

Happy Birthday to me!

Happy birthday to me...happy birthday to me...Happy birthday to meeeeeeeeeeeeee.......happy birthday to me! Yeah! Today is my birthday! Gonna have dinner with mom, dad and Feng later. Feng promised to buy me a birthday cake! LoL. Today I woke up at 8am, realised it was raining, and decided to go office 2 hours later. Informed my team leader and Lily about it and went back to sleep. Mom came into my room with an ang bao and put it beside my head. She wished me happy birthday and smacked my bums. @#$%. LoL.
Celebrated my birthday over the weekend with my pals from poly. Damn..they're evil. LoL. Friday, went Grandlink and pak dota till 4+am, then went over to Macs for a TCS*. Macs only got Nel, Shuen, Feng, me and 2 kids. We were crapping till 6am, then I went home to sleep. Couoldn't seem to fall asleep till 7+am, and woke up at 10+am. Accompanied mom and dad to Kah Motors at Ubi in the afternoon. Initially my dad wanted to test drive the Honda Civic. We went there, and I didn't see my S2000! Damn! We tested the Honda Civic 1.8, and piangz! It was damn cool and fast and powerful!!!!! So my dad paid $3K deposit and we'll be receiving our car in July!! YEAH!! On our way home, my parents were debating whether to bid for the car plate. Hmmz...what you guys think? Anyway the color is a very dull color, getting a silver. Coz I dun want to waste my weekends cleaning up a white/black colored car. Haha! Very lazy. Mom made dad promise that the car will be mine during Fridays and Saturdays. LoL. SHIOK! Reached home at 4+, had a short rest and went out at 6pm. I only had 3hrs of sleep! Someone gimme a bed please?

Celebration..old woman!

Went Cuppage to celebrate my birthday. It had been a long time since we went Cuppage. Feng and me reached at around 640pm. We were early! I was early for once! Haha. Anyway, saw Liang and we waited for the rest of them. Jack came shortly after Liang and Eugene, Chiang Hui and Alvin met us at S-11 for dinner. Sue and Huiling came after buying present for me. We had dinner and went for KTV at Sunlight, Partyworld 5th level. Forgot to tell Liang to get the basement de. Alvin and Chiang Hui didn't want to join us, so they went off. Now I remembered why we didn't go cuppage for so long. Their attitude sucks! Unlike Partyworld at Chinatown. The people there are always smiling and joking. Cuppage one majiam like not happy we're there. WTF. Anyway, we had 6 jugs of beer. Damn..should have opened a bottle. Open bottle max I pay $200+. The whole 4 hours, 10 free drinks and 6 jugs of beer costs me $342. Yes yes, it was a fucking 300+. More ex than last year. Nvm lah, once a year nia. Received many presents wor. And the cake. I was like @#$%^& when I saw the cake. They tried to be funny. Must be Gene's idea. LoL.
They had 25 small candles instead of 2 big 5 small. And the cake was small. So by the time they finish lighting up the candles, the cake looked as if it was in flames. Will upload the pics later. There was a piece of chocolate in the middle of the cake. By the time I made a wish, posed for some pics, blew out the candles, the chocolate had already melted. So had 1/3 of the cake. LoL. But it was great fun. Stupid Jack, Jacky and Sue kept asking me to tah my beer. It's been a long time since all of us had this much fun. Haha! I was looking thru my presents, looking for any receipts as Sue tends to leave the receipts or price tags with the present. Huiling assured me that this year she had cheked thoroughly. Thought this yr will shun shun li li....but then at the end of the KTV, Sue whispered to Eugene or Jack rather loudly that each pax pay Huiling $9.80. I repeated what Sue said to Jacky and they all were cursing and swearing at Sue. LoL. Some habits never die.
We were all walking out of the room when someone passed me Philip's wallet. We hid Philip's wallet and Philip hid Jacky's IC. After the KTV ended at 12, we went over to a pub behind Meridian hotel, rather Bali style, and continued drinking. Haha! We went home at about 2+am. Sue and Huiling went off first. Had a wonderful wonderful night. LoL. Lugged home a bottle of Johnny Walker, courtesy of Jacky, 2 bags, courtesy of everyone, a panda lighter, courtesy of Jacky again and a wallet, courtesy of Philip. Feng gave me a goodnight kiss and wished me Happy 1 year anniversary instead of Happy birthday. *Smile*

One year le

Wow! Me and Feng finally one year le! Funny thing is that I dreamt of Kevin instead of Feng. I dreamt that me and Kevin were divorced, but still close friends. It was a funny dream, can't really remember all the details. Anyway, Feng left my house on Sunday at around 10+am I think. After closing the door, I went back to sleep and didn't wake up at all until 4+pm. I was damn tired. Didn't have much rest over the weekend. After I woke up, called Feng and he suggested going to Stone Grill at Katong for dinner. I was feeling lazy so I suggested airport Swensons. BUT my parents had bought dinner for me le! Damn. Poor Feng went to buy BK for dinner. His own dinner. He bought BK and came my house to eat. We watched the movie, Are We There Yet and went into the room shortly after the show. I asked Feng for my present and he said he didn't buy. I know he was kidding cause I saw the plastic bag when I opened the door for him. I looked around my room for the bag and saw a City Chain plastic bag. I happily opened it and saw a DKNY box. YEAH!!! DKNY watch! I opened and was shocked to find Feng's Fossil watch. I started searching my room for the DKNY watch. But then my room in a mess de lor. He could have put anywhere. I looked in the treasure chest where I usually put all my watches and saw a black watch. AHhhhhhhhh!!! DKNY! LoL. I was damn happy but Feng was disappointed that I found it so fast. Of course lah! This my room lehz! And it's my present. Hmph! LoL.
Hmmz, you wondering what I got for Feng is it? I got him a Seagate 100G external hd. It was something that he wanted and need, but never got around to buying it. LoL. First time in one year that I bought the present in advance and was infront of him all this while, yet he don't know. Yeah! Silly Feng. He searched my whole room and almost gave up. I didn't even bother to hide it or wrap it up. LoL. K lah...gotta work le. So sianz. Thanks everyone for wishing me a happy birthday today! LoL.

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