Wednesday, March 28, 2007

28 March 2007, Wednesday

Nothing achieved

I wrote my blog 5 minutes ago but stupid Blogspot deleted it due to some HTML errors in my codes. Anyway I wrote that I received this birthday wish from TP. It's so sweet of them. Throughout the 5.5yrs I'm with them, they had never emailed me any birthday cards or wished me happy birthday. I guess that's the diff between student and alumni. Anyway, I feel damn old lor. 25 leh. If heng, it's 1/3 of my life gone and I had yet to achieve anything great. Just look at pals beside me. Erin, earning almost 3K every month. Jiawei, also almost 3K every month and has recently bought a condo unit. Shiyun, God knows how much she earns per month, maybe 4 or 5K. And she travels around the world. Spain, Thailand, and goodness-knows-where. And Crystal. Damn. Think she's been around half the world. Cairo, Egypt, Spain, blah blah blah. Thomas, he has his own fucking car which he paid with his fucking money. Cibao recently joined CSM, something related to our course and is happily married to her boyfriend of 10 years. And me? I'm slogging (not really slogging unless you count playing games and blogging during office hours as slogging) my time in the office, Mon - Fri, 9am - 1pm and 2pm - 6pm, earning a measely 1.75K, with no assets except for the shares which I bought recently and earning me a mere $450 up till now.
"But you gonna have a car in July!" Hello? That's like my dad's car lor. I only help to pay the petrol, which is justified as I will be driving it during the weekends. It's not even paid with my money. I'm not married, thank god, cause my r/s is rather rocky at times. ARGH!! My life sucks. 1/3 gone lehz! How many more 1/3 of my life do I have to achieve something I want? Sucks man. Think I better go kill myself by banging my head on my cushioned cubicle wall or die by drinking my kopi or choke on my cigarettes when smoking or get heart attack after getting 13 odds when playing mahjong or may my eyes drop out of their sockets from playing too much computer games or something. Better to end it fast before I become a liability to the society or world or Singapore or whatever. Damn I suck. But life sucks more. Sheesh.

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