Monday, April 16, 2007

Distractions from Work

People Envy Your Compassion

You have a kind heart and an unusual empathy for all living creatures. You tend to absorb others' happiness and pain.
People envy your compassion, and more importantly, the connections it helps you build. And compassionate as you are, you feel for them.

They forgot to mention the people I hate though. I'll step and kill and stab and make their lives worse than they already are. LoL.

You Mostly Have Your Emotions in Check

Sometimes your emotions get out of control, but you usually are a pretty stable person.
You can find a lot to be happy about, as long as things are going your way.
But if a few bad things happen to you, you tend to go in a bit of a downward spiral.
Luckily, you usually come out of it okay and no worse for the wear.

I can never keep my emotions in check. This is crazy. I'm crazy. I can cry and laugh at the same time, get angry and sad over nothing. I'm emotional. I cry easily. Do not provoke me. Do not make me depress. You do not know what I dare to do. Or what I will do. Haha.

You Belong in Spring

Optimistic, lively, and almost always happy with the world...
You can truly appreciate the blooming nature of spring.
Whether you're planting flowers or dyeing Easter eggs, spring is definitely your season!

I always thought I'm winter. Cold yet sometimes a little warm. Hmmz..all these quizes aren't that perfect are they?

There's a 48% Chance That You Need Therapy

If you think you need therapy, you probably do. But there's a good chance you don't.
Like everyone else, you have your fair share of problems. And unlike most people, you're fairly good at solving them yourself.

Yes yes, I need theraphy. Anyone intro me a psychologist to me can? Recently very down. Everything seemed to be going downhill. Can't really take the stress liaoz. I need help, desperately. Nobody understands me anymore. Nobody cares I guess. They always have this thinking that if I am strong enough to dish out comments and empathy to other people, I am strong enough to settle my own problems. This is not the case. I need someone to talk to. But who?

You Are 70% Feminist

You are certainly a feminist - whether you know it or not.
You believe in gender equality, at least most of the time. You also believe there are a few exceptions.

I know I'm a feminist. LoL. Somehow I guess. But there are really a FEW exceptions. Like a guy should treat a woman like how men treated women back in the 19th century. With respect, love and concern.

You Would Do Most Things For Love

You are willing to go pretty far for love - but not far enough to compromise your core values.
Love is a priority for you, and you'll go further than most people to hold on to someone you love.
But killing for love? Or even taking a bullet? Probably out of the question.
No matter what, you love yourself the most!

I'm such a fool for love. But it doesn't matter does it? He doesn't really appreciates what I had done. He can never see what I'd done. I'm invisible. Coz there's no 'US' in the relationship. There's only 'Me' and 'U'. This relationship will be over if this continues....Argh! Help me someone!

You Are the Ego

You take a balanced approach to your life.
You definitely aren't afraid to act out on your desires - even crazy ones.
But you usually think first. Morals drive you as much as hedonism does.
You've been able to live a life of pleasure... without living a life of excess.

I'm egoistic. DAMN. Who cares? LoL. Eugene told me before that I'm egoistic. But it's my bubbly-ness that makes my egoistic-sm more bearable. Thank god for mixed schools. Haha.

The Part of You That No One Sees

You are aloof, mysterious, and distant.
People feel like they really don't know the true you...
Yet they're still drawn to you, almost by magnetic force.

Underneath it all, you don't even really feel like you know yourself.
It's easier to put on a front than really think about your life's purpose.
You tend to seem pretentious, but it's just a mechanism you use to push people away.

Ok I'm done digressing. Need to go back to work. Ciaoz.

Nice Song

I saw an old friend of ours today
She asked about you and I didn't quite know what to say
Heard you've been makin' the rounds round here
While I've been tryin' to make tears disappear

Now I'm almost over you
I've almost shook these blues
So when you come back around
After painting the town you'll see
That I'm almost over you

You're such a sly one with your cold, cold heart
For you leavin' came easy but it tore me apart
Time heals all wounds they say and I should know
'Cause it seems like forever but I'm letting you go

Now I'm almost over you
I've almost shook these blues
So when you come back around
After painting the town you'll see
That I'm almost over you

I can forgive you and soon I'll forget all my shattered dreams
You took the love that you wanted and left me the misery

Now I'm almost over you
I've almost shook these blues
So when you come back around
After painting the town you'll see
That I'm almost over you
When you come back around
After painting the town you'll see
That I'm almost over you

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