Monday, June 11, 2007

11 June 2007

Counting down :6: days

Just 6 more days and I'll be flying ALONE to China this Sunday. 815am flight, meaning I've to reach there around 6am. SHIT. Alone lehz, never travelled alone anywhere before. Will be an experience for me man. My mixed feelings are getting stronger and stronger. In a way I'm excited that I'm travelling alone for the first time, and for someone who's afraid of loneliness, it's gonna be a challenge to check in, fly 4hrs and check out, alone and nobody to talk to. 5 hours. Hope whoever is sitting next to me will be civilised. And best if that person can take care of me throughout the flight. Not like those China females me and Sharon shared the plane with when on our trip to HK. Either they take up more space than they need, or they just can't sit still. FUCK. LoL. Too many ants in their pants I guess.
I'll definitely miss all of you guys. Feng told me 3 weeks very short only. Yah, it's short, but 3 weeks sounds so long also. As usual, I'm just whining. I'll be ok when I'm there. No worries. At most I lock myself up in the hostel room and complete my AOE I, AOE II and their expansion packs. No worries no worries. I even intend to bring storybook over. StoryBOOK...not books. No space to put so many things.
Kevin, ( saw it correctly, KEVIN SU) asked me to go for flu shots and whatever shots that I think that I might need. Me thinks that I do not need shots. =P
I'm afraid of needles..have a phobia towards needles and India Indians. LoL. Thomas, I rather go China and stay for half a year than go India for 2 months like you. Kekekeke...if I were to go India I'll cry everyday. I won't be able to step out of the hotel. Cause I'm terrified of them! I'll start getting sweaty palms, and my heart will beat faster and goosebumps will appear all over my body. That's how afraid I am of them. *Shudder*
I haven't really started packing. Cause I don't know where to start! Should I bring my little Tatty Teddy to go with me? Or should I bring Eden, my Levi's bear which I had put at Feng's house? Or...or...argh! Then toiletries, how much must I bring then it'll be enough? How about washing powder? Clothes? Jeans? How many of each? Eh jeans think I wear one, bring 2 enough le lah hor. There no need wear so nice. Maybe bring a pair of slippers, my leather slippers. Then wear my Adidas over. Piangz...then it'll be dirty le lor! *Sad* Jacket leh? Now Guangdong is having heavy rain. According to the news last night, 14 people were missing and many landslides were reported. I'm going Guangdong lehz, cause Dongguan is in Guangdong. Pray for my safety everyday okies? *Dramatic*
Oh yah, I still need to bring my notebook, my stationeries, maybe a file...and my laptop! And the charger, and my Nokia charger, and my games, and what else? Water bottle, lighter, nailclippers...argh!! *Head bursting* Can't wait to drag Feng to help me pack. LoL. Wish me luck okies? I'll be bringing my HP over. Anything important then call. Nothing important just SMS will do. Kekeke...will reply you if I think it's worth replying. Haha! U guys want anything over there? No alcohol okies. Cause I'm buying. LoL. NO CIGGS also. NO VCD/DVD. Don't ask me to do illegal stuff. Ask me buy wallet or handbag or stupid things still can. No illegal stuff.

Old friend

On Wed I called Kevin. Cause I was really damn down. Or was it Thursday? Anyway, he didn't turn on his hp. Called twice. I thought we are still gonna be strangers. I left it that way. But he called me yesterday. First time he called I didn't pick up the phone as I was out in the living room. I saw the missed call, and thought nothing of it. Maybe he called wrongly or he was just returning my call. Anyway, at 9+pm, he called again. We chatted. Just like old times. Time seemed to have turned back 4 years ago. We began suaning each other. And as usual, he called me because he has problems with his gf.
I realised we both changed. And I don't know why but when I was talking to him, my English seemed to deprove. I wasn't really speaking in perfect sentences. We chatted awhile, and his mom called for him. We hung up. After 10min, he called back. We continued chatting. He told me that when we broke off 2 years ago, he did for a period of time, miss me. But he was so heartless then. For someone who claimed to miss me, and talk to me coldly whenever I call...abit contradicting. Well, it had passed. At least it was nice to know that he DID miss me then. LoL.
He also broke another news to me. He had never cheated on me during the 1year+ we were together. He did not do anything to Theresa. It was Theresa who seduced him but he did not even touch her. Well, so much for claiming that he cheated on me all these years. LoL. Ops...think I ruined his rep. Nvm lah..hor Kevin? Now help you clear up. When he told these 2 things to me, I actually felt better. At least I can finally have a closure to my heart. LoL. Sorry for that slap Kevin. So long liaoz...forgive okies? Was just being "protective".
At least we're friends now. Even though it'd been a long time, but I'm glad this friend of mine is back. Back to being my friend. Cause we're both Aries, certain things we do think alike. And we do have similar interests. Last time, I don't really know. Long time no hang out with him. Kekeke...thanks for being my friend man. It's been 7 years le! Yeah! Kekeke

Ups and Downs

Me and Feng went thru alot. Really damn alot of shits. But I'm determined to make things work out. Maybe because I was damn damn, real close to losing before it woke me up. So far so good. Sat he accompanied me to meet up with Erin and Jiawei, even though he doesn't feel like entertaining. We are both trying. Guess I have to learn to control my temper ba. On Sat I told him alot about me. First time he realised why I am what I am. It's not because of the fact that I'm an only child, but what I've been through when I was growing up, the things I was exposed to, the things I have to do. He suddenly realised my life isn't actually that perfect either. LoL.
I'm lookin forward to the concert we are going on 13th July.
Dear, I'm learning. I need time to change. I need support. Try to help me to make our future a better one okies? *Hugz* Gonna miss you when I'm over there. And thanks for the passport cover. It's nice lor!! Keke..nicer than the one I bought you. Tonight we go shopping ba...hahahahaha...... sausage lips (me) gotta go work liaoz. Yes yes, I'm heaty and stressed up. Got sausage lips again. Ciaoz people! Miss me ya?

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