Thursday, June 21, 2007

21 June 2007, Thursday

In a blink of an eye....

Time seemed to pass so quickly this week. Was supposed to fly on Sunday, and in a blink of an eye, now it's Thursday le. The feeling is like I know I'm dying, and suddenly realised that I do not have enough time to do the things that I like. Not that drastic lah, but you get the idea. For someone who's born and bred in Singapore, and someone so used to sheltered/pampered life, which revolves around technologies like Bluetooth, Wireless LAN, Internet, SCV and mobile phones. Heck, I can't sleep at night unless I talk to Feng. LoL. And there'll be no rabbit to wake me up in the morning (Cinnamon does like to scratch and bite at her bars to wake me up) and no pretty eyes belonging to my baby to wish me goodnight. ARGH! And there isn't any HBO (inclusive of HBO Hits, Family & Signature) or Nickelodeon or Nat Geo or Discovery Channel or Discovery Food & Travel or Starworld or AXN. OK ok...I don't usually watch TV, but when I'm damn bored and there's nobody to fight the TV controller with me, I'll watch it and promptly fall asleep after about an hour watching it. LoL. Realise none of these channels are actually in Chinese. Conclusion: I DO NOT REALLY WATCH CHINESE PROGRAMS PERIOD. I seldom watch lah, can't say I don't watch at all. Really seldom lor. Sigh.

Was chatting with Justin from Civic Club forum just now. Told him that my eyes are wet. I can't bear to leave SG. If I'm not alone it's still not so bad. But I'll be going alone. Grow up...stupid Feng always tell me. It's not about growing up or's just that I DON'T LIKE TO BE ALONE. Thank God I'm taking SQ. At least I have my own little TV. I guess what I'll miss most are my friends and family, and the freedom to go or eat anything or anywhere I want. Sigh. 2 weeks. Hope it comes and goes in a blink of an eye also.

Usually by this time of every month I'll be very happy. Cause it meant that my pay day is near, I can go enjoy myself again, splurging on storybooks or games or just enjoying life. But this is not the same. I'm like...SIANZ!! Got money can't spend...have to wait till I come back. ARGH! Cannot go kopi...dun care. When I come back, I must go try Indulgz and go Arab street to lim kopi and play chess. Kekeke..looking forward to the day I come back...*And I'm not even gone yet...sheesh*

I'm married

I'm just kidding lah. This is a "Virtual Marriage" @ Not I go de lah! Shannen found it and gave it to me. Can see she really bored. Haha!

Me and Weifeng met up yesterday night to have a talk. Mainly to eat my waffles at Siglap. LoL. But we did talk it over about our relationship. I apologized to Feng about my sudden outburst on Tues night. I also told him that because I treasure him, that's why I feel that I'm in the wrong and I should apologize. Should thank Shannen. If I weren't discussing with her about love, I won't know how much I love Feng. We had a talk and now we're trying our best to get used to each other's ecentric ways. LoL. Really need to take an effort. In a relationship, without effort is like wasting each other's time. We want to have a future together, so we're willing to work things out.

Although I'm abit more stubborn, I need time to change and need gentle reminders along the way. Hope things will be better in the future. Really hope so. I wana be Mrs Yee. Yee Seet Yee. YUCKS. LoL. Hahah...ok lah I go work le, since the stupid printer is working, no excuses to slack liaoz. Ciaoz

Funny dad

I've a very funny dad. Not those kind that you feel like laughing when you see him. Nopez. He looks normal; charming to most females above age of 30, and handsome to those above 40. LoL. I know this, cause when I was working in NTUC at age of 17, my colleagues, who are 30+, were staring at my dad like some fans who had spotted their idol coming towards them. Eyes grew big (no kidding) and suddenly they turned shy. Haha. And my current colleague...two of them had seen my dad, which one is above 30, exclaimed the next day that my dad is tall and charming. Charming? Nah..think he just has a sweet mouth. Tall? OK lah...else I won't be tall also mah. Haha!

Oh yah back to the story, as I mentioned above, I went Siglap yesterday and seeing how little fuel there is in the car, I decided to fill her up. I went to Shell and asked the attendant to pump her full tank. Total bill was about $49 for the petrol. (My tank wasn't's slightly more than 1/4 full) and went home. 28 litres of petrol. FYI, I pump 95 for my car nia. Not 98 or whatever shit. Suddenly I realised that my dad did not use the Shell card. I was like.... -_-"

So when I reached home, I asked my dad about the shell card. Why he never use to get points or whatever. You know what's the first thing he scolded me for? Why the HELL did I go pump petrol for. I was like huh? I'm doing my part mah! I got drive then I'll pump lor. Kaoz. Dad. Parents. Never understand them. Think he's afraid I don't have money to spend for myself since I'd spent alot this month. Close to 3K lor! depleting.......sobz.

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