Friday, June 29, 2007

29 June 2007, Friday

End of the Week

Yeah! It's Friday today! Later I'm going down to QC department to learn things. Now, I'm enjoying the aircon in the office. My roommate left for home today. Lisa went back Taiwan le. Tonight I'll be sleeping alone. Lisa left at 730am, and she's taking a ship from China to HK, then taking a plane back to Taiwan. Although she had stayed for only 2 nights, we had lots to talk about. 2 city girls in a rural area. Even yesterday, we chatted till 130am. Damn shagged out now. Wonder if she's feeling the same. Oh yah, when I woke up at 810am this morning, I saw a packet of raisins on the table. Lisa left a packet of raisins for me and a note. Very sweet of her hor? Sigh and all I gave her was 2 Tussils 5 (lozenges), 1 Clarinase (flu med) and a packet of mini noodles. Oh and 1 packet of milo. LoL. She's a sweet girl lor, everyday will write her diary. And she brings it wherever she goes. She will write it on the bus, or when she's waiting for somebody, but definitely she'll make it a point to write it everyday before she sleeps. And in this century, where emails are so popular and common, she insists on writing her bf a letter EVERYDAY. Yupz, so by end of one week she'll pass all her letters to her bf to read. Sometimes her bf will write her back, but most of the times he won't. I find it very sweet, cause there is human touch. That's also the reason why I insists on buying Christmas card and leaving a few comments inside the card for my friends. Every card I'll write different comments or message. When was the last time you received a hand written letter from your friends or loved one? All we receive nowadays are computer generated letters from the banks or bills that are requesting payment. Sigh.

Anyway, now that Lisa and her superior, Mr Zhou, is gone, means I can finally wash my clothes! I'm wearing my last pair of clean jeans. My bag wouldn't be that heavy when I get back ba. Now that I've taken out ALL the food, and don't really intend to bring any back, except for the Marks & Spencer digestive biscuit. That is really too nice to let me let go. Keke. Oh yah, still need to buy things for colleagues. Maybe buy some food for them. Think they prefer food. And Shannen. Must see if there are any Hello Kitty here. She really had a tough week doing my work. Think she almost went bonkers le. LoL. Are you still alive Shannen? *Knock knock* Tahan ba, 5 more working days and I'll be back to clear my shits. least you learned alot this week right? And time passes by very quickly for you. That's why when everyone asked me how I was, seriously, I'm OK. Food wasn't that bad (never eat canteen food ma), sleep was great with aircon, and colleagues are fun to be with. So I'm enjoying myself here, no worries.

While me and Lisa were talking last night, we came to agree on one thing. The only thing that will be stopping us to back to our country is the way of life here. Seriously, I'm more relaxed over here. Maybe due to lack of TV programs or whatever, for once in my 25 years of life, I actually don't need technology as much as I think. And the lunch hour...WOW! It's damn flexible. Nobody will question you if you suddenly disappear for 2 hours. This place is very relaxing. Back in SG, every night I'll find something to do. Sometimes I'll watch TV, sometimes play game, but time doesn't pass as quickly as they do over here. Even when we're doing nothing, time seemed to pass by very quickly. We sit around and chit chat, take photos and sorts. TV wasn't even turned on these few days. I stopped writing blog in the night. But then time passes by very quickly. There's no rush to do anything. You Zai Xian Zai. Very the Ping Ping Dan Dan, and time passes by quickly. That's why by 2nd night, I don't miss home that much. Tears don't flow down when I think of home. I guess I'll miss this place when I go back SG. I told Lisa that if she's coming back, tell me, so I can arrange to come back also. LoL. At least I'll have a roommate and someone who had been a city girl like me, living in a laidback country. I'm going KTV next Thursday with some of the colleagues over here! And some of them are asking me not to go back SG. Guess I'll be missed over here..cause I brought some laughters and sights of the outside world...

Oh, did I tell you for yesterday's lunch, I was playing my game, The Sims 2? I played for about 2 hours I guess. And Baohua was playing Theme Hospital. And Roger was playing his soccer game. And Wangli was chatting with her brother over QQ. And after awhile after I finished playing, I actually was surfing the net and zhuo boh, then I thought Roger and the rest are like busy...when actually the girls are still playing games and Roger was downloading applications for his phone! ARGH! LoL. Went out last night to eat. Roger treated me. Costs him RMB$75. Ex hor. And best is, it wasn't that nice. The chicken wasn't that nice. LoL. No more ice cream for me. I'm so not into China ice cream. Don't know how to explain. Think their vanilla has more ice than cream, and they that they just add vanilla essence, water and sugar. Their ice cream not creamy de. More of ice lor. Not nice not nice. I miss my Hagen Dazs. And my Ring-A-Ding-A-Ling from Swensons. *Hinting to dear*


Finally found time to upload them. LoL. There's loads and loads! from the first day I left Singapore till now. Keke!

Mom and Dad came to send me off. I missed them! Missed my mom's cooking.

Flying in the morning allows you to appreciate the clouds more. Nice nice right?? Wish I could just lie on the clouds instead of having to rush to work everyday or rushing to do my things. I love flying.

My breakfast on board. It's really not as nice as it looks. Surprised that this time I don't find it nice. Was it because of the Sausage McMuffin I ate earlier on?

Welcome to Baiyun International Airport, Guangzhou!

This is my toilet. Oh that's the shower with duno what lights. Supposed to be those lights that can actually produce heat I guess. I don't really know how to work their heater. Had been showering in cold water everyday. It's OK I guess, since the weather here is unbearable.

My room! It has 2 beds. Looks very princess-sy hor? My room no mosquito though. Maybe cause I smoke in the toilet? Keke..

I have 3 cupboards, but none that I can use cause they're filled with clothes (Trigger's boss) and blankets and bedsheets. Sigh.

See! This packet is the one that costs me $24! But damn big lor and damn cute! LoL. See my Motorola half its size nia.

See! It's packed like this! 10 packets in total! Haha..cute hor? I had given 4 packets away, and currently am smoking the 2nd packet only.

This is my hostel block. 3 levels in total. I'm living at the topmost level, on the left. That window on the top left is from my room, above my bed. LoL.

This was my lunch for Monday. Niu Nan Mian. Not bad lehz! Very saltish...I like. Haha. Those on top are preserved veggies, which I ate finish. Must be I very hungry.

This is my dinner on Monday! Roger brought me out to eat beef la mian. Very Q. But beef very tough.

This is their supermarket! Eh but they call it shopping centre. LoL. Majiam emporium from our younger days. Those on display hor, are all drinks lor! Rows and rows and rows of drinks.

My lunch on Wed. Beef with veggies and rice. Very hungry cause Tues I didn't eat. So sad. This one ok nia. Veggie tastes nicer than the beef. LoL.

Went out with Roger on Wed again. Went to the same place to eat this Chao La Mian.

My chao la mian. Very spicy. I didn't finish it, cause the portion very big. Wasn't so bad lah, taste like pepper with alot of tomato sauce. Haha! Went to eat ice cream after that, which in then end I threw away cause it sucked.

Me at my cubicle. Silly Roger was playing with my camera and phone yesterday afternoon. Told you we are very free.

My lunch for yesterday, cause I was rather full. This shui jiao resembles xiao long bao. Except much bigger. The skin is very thin, and inside the dumpling, there's "soup" de lor. Not bad lehz. Nice nice. And cheap too! Think it costs only abt RMB$3. Cause total cost of 3 items only RMB$9. Roughly $3 per item, which is SGD0.60!

The beer we had for dinner...LoL

The appetiser..I rarely eat peanut de but this peanut is nice! Very aromatic and saltish. *Smile*

Sanitary chopstick lehz..haha! Wonder if they did sanitise it. Think use soap right? Haha

This tofu is nice lehz...Fried with pork I think. Nice nice...

This chicken doesn't taste as nice as it looks. Look at the claw, still got the nails lor! And most of the chicken skin still has hair on them. Yucks.

Ehh, this is pork ribs. Very very small de. Very saltish. The people here don't really eat rice. Very oily and saltish. Even I can't stand it. LoL.

Me and Lisa at our "common room", aka the hall of our hostel. Each level has its own hall. The 3rd level is the most shiok coz got aircon! Lisa trying to hide my fats...

Me and Wangli. She'a a very cute girl, newest member to the engineering department. Very small sized female, very soft spoken yet do not be fooled by her looks. LoL. Ke ai! Very young only! 22 this year, so cute!

Me enjoying the breeze at the balcony. The night lights are very nice lehz. And rather windy these few nights cause keep raining. Hope it doesn't rain when I'm going home.

This is something like garlic. Preserved one. I was dragged to have lunch with Roger and his client, who is a big boss. His driver cheated me to have a taste. It sucks. Me no like.

I took the smallest one and took a bite. I seriously wana spit out liaoz. But I didn't. Instead I drank lotsa tea to gulp it down. Yucks. Double yucks. Feng might like this though. Me no like sour stuff.

When the waitress served me this soup, I was shocked to see the shell. It reminded me of the tortise that I used to rear. I almost puked out. Ekks...don't even dare to move much of the soup

If you look properly, the head is actually on the right. Wanted to pull the head out for a pic, but I was shuddering each time my chopstick came in contact with the head. Really look like my terrapin. I dare not drink much, neither did Roger.

This roast goose nice lehz! I like roasted birds. Nice roast pigeon, roast goose...*slurp*

Have you ever seen such big prawns before? Piangz eh, I thought they were mini lobsters lor! Ok ok exaggerating liaoz. Keke

See! It's big de lor! The legs, the head...EVERYTHING!! Nice...very fresh....they seemed to eat this prawn for the "gao" instead of the meat.

This I duno what is is lah, majiam like Tsut Tsut. And I thought they were cooked. Cause they don't taste slimy or anything. After I ate a few the boss told me that it's actually dumped in cold salt water. That explains the ice floating on the bowl...

Dun think the boss is cheap lehz, this crab full of eggs. And guess who ate the most? Kekeke...funny they order but they don't eat.

Scallop on top of dong fen and garlic. Nice nice!! I was busy eating and drinking...din really socialise. Majiam like I 7th month early release. LoL. Seafood lehz. Die lah tonight gonna itch till hell liaoz.

So far this is the nicest thing I'd eaten. It's tangyuan, and they put the mai pian outside, and coat it with sugar. The filling is custard instead of our usual tao sah, peanut and all. Hot hot de..but damn nice. Should have tabao some back home. LoL.

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