Friday, July 6, 2007

06 July 2007, Friday

Damn pissed again

Seriously, after recent incidents hor, I made up my mind to HATE coming to China for good. Piangz...the people are SO lazy over here lor! Faint. The other day, it was 5 plus, but the office was empty because Roger went to have dinner and Baohua went missing since 4 plus. Left me and Wangli. Roger's phone rang. Usually in Singapore, we will just help to answer phone right? One: to stop it from ringing. Two: To tell the person on the line that the person he/she is looking for isn't here, so that they will not keep calling. I asked Wangli to answer the phone, as there is no phone in my cubicle. You know what she said? Don't want lah, not my phone. Answer for what. I was like speechless lor! Faint man! In the end I went to Roger's cubicle and picked up the phone. Told the person that Roger isn't around. SIMPLE JOB LEHZ! Does it have to be so...hua qing jie xian one? Your phone you not around also you pick. WTF. Answer phone will die meh. I helped my team leader answer phone alot of times also when she's not around. Fucked up.

And you know what pisses me off the most? I'm here on training. I'm not here to be your interpreter. I am bilingual doesn't mean I'm paid to be your translator. ARGH! I'm like fuming. Baohua (yes her again. Problems seemed to revolve around her doesn't it), was telling Wangli on Wednesday, to translate our Inspection Specs from English to Chinese. I was at my desk then, zhuo boh lah. Cause got too many info in my head running around, was trying to transfer my pics into the comp so I can write my report easily. Baohua took the specs and led Wangli to my cubicle. She then TOLD ME to translate the specs. Not ask, mind you. TOLD ME to translate the whole pile. She said since I so free help her lor. Not that I mind if I'm really free. I had planned out my time nicely de. When to do what, learn what, when to write report and all. Then hor, she seemed busy. So I said I'll do my best, when I free then do. You know what that little bitch said? She says I MUST FINISH BEFORE I GO BACK SINGAPORE. She is ordering me. WTF. SHE IS IN NO POSITION TO DO THAT TO ME. MY POSITION IS SAME AS HERS. SHE'S NOT MY HEAD NOR MY SUPERVISOR HERE. Somemore said that if I couldn't finish I must bring back SG and finish it up, then scan it over or ask Lily to bring to Nanjing 2 weeks later. I was like huh! Piang, I'm here to learn, not to do your job lehz.

Nevermind. Yesterday I stayed back in office after meeting with client the whole day, till 8+ to go through the specs with Wangli. You guys know I can't stand stupid people. Seriously. I talk to her hor, my patience really damn thin. I try to lun and try to explain to her. Majiam like teaching tuition wor. Furthermore my Chinese not as great as theirs, still ask me to translate. Some of the fucking English I also don't understand. What Pullout lah and all those stupid English technical terms. And you know what Baohua was doing for the past few days in office and after office hours? Well basically she just comes in, reads some emails, reply some emails, Skype and chat with her friends, download songs, and leaves the office at 4+ or 5pm to go to the Admin Dept to CHAT AND PAINT HER FUCKING NAILS. She still has the cheek to tell all of us at night that she has designed many nails that day....nice nice, paint and wait for it to dry before pasting stickers on it...blah blah blah. And she told me she's too busy to translate her specs. *Slaps*

Just now, Wangli approached me as we still had 6 more specs to cover. I told her that I help her translate, she teach me how to calculate the costing of our parts. She says she don't know. I asked Baohua and she pointed her fingers and told me to ask Wangli. Wangli pointed to Roger. Roger points back to Wangli. Damn nice hor the ppl here? Anyway I translated 2 pages, then I asked Baohua something, and she replied in a tone that sounded very frustrated, as if like I'm stupid or something. That was what sparked me to scream at her. I really shouted at her lor. I told her that is not my scope. My scope here is to learn. Not to translate. I shoot her back when she said this translation wasn't her scope, that this is NOT my scope either. Never is and never will be. And if that she wants me to translate, she pay me lor. She just smiled and told me that my English is better than hers. I pushed the specs towards her and asked her to explain one of the sentences which are full of technical terms that I don't understand. She explained it very clearly. *Ahem* *whosaysshedununderstandenglish-cough*

I'm really damn pissed. Then Baohua saw me using the online translator and saw the Chinese. She commented that it's not accurate. It's lousy. Then she told Wangli if I'm using the online translator to translate, might as well Wangli do it herself using her own tranlation software. *YEOWCH* Very cat like. I then shouted back that this is not my scope, so many things I don't know, it's better that Baohua teach Wangli. Else she'll just be copying blindly. Then Baohua told me to translate finish, cause she still got a stack of SOP for me to translate actually. Can see my face damn pissed off le lah, was complaining to Huiling over MSN. Fucked up fucked up. Damn lazy. Ask me do her shit so she can enjoy more. WTH. Retribution....waiting for it to happen nia.

In the end I just threw everything back to her and told her to do it herself. I still have my stuff to learn. And I "subtly" (actually very loud and fierce lah) mentioned to Baohua that she hasn't send me the file I wanted THREE DAYS ago. LoL. With that..everything is so much peaceful. I get to do my things and write this blog. LoL. go back eat my maggi mee.

My Poems

I had a sudden feeling to write, and went to search for my poems that I wrote about 7 years back. Wrote them durin a lecture. Java if I wasn't wrong. LoL. Still young lah. Both poems got published in a poetry book, which I didn't purchase lah. Both were entered into the competition and I Am Sorry got into the semi-finals. But hor, my mom didn't want me to travel all the way to Florida just to read out the poem. She said I won't win anyway. =( Anyway, just to share it with you lor. I'm Sorry was dedicated to Andre years ago. LoL. Really years years ago. Now he's happily married. So happy for him as a good friend. *Smile*

I'm Sorry
You were there when I needed someone most,

But it wasn't the same with you.

All I did was to laugh and boast,

About how the other boys looked so cute.

I am sorry.

When I needed a shoulder to lean on,

You were there once again for me.

But when you needed someone to bond,

I was out with some guy called Tim.

I am truly sorry.

When I was devastated and out of my mind,

You were there to hold me against your chest.

But when you were going to make yourself mine,

I rejected you infront of my desk.

I am really sorry.

Now when I want you in my arms to hold,

You are no longer there.

What I see now put me in cold,

For there's a girl in your arms so bare.

I wished it was me..I am sorry

Seet Yee Bang

Copyright ©2007 Seet Yee Bang

I Believed was another poem I wrote after Keith broke up with me. Ours wasn't a relationship to start lah. Anyway he sucks. LoL. He was just playing me then. And I was only 17 plus going 18. This poem was something I wrote shortly after he broke up with me. Thanks to you fucker, that this poem was recognised internationally and got published in a book.

I Believed
You told me you had your eyes set on me,

the first time we had met.

I believed you totally and fell into your trap.

You promised not to hurt me,

and that you just wana hold me,

close to your heart.

I believed you and gave you my body,

which you savoured like a tart.

Now you treat me like a stranger

Whom you see along the streets.

I had believed in you

And now I'm too ashamed to stand on my feet.

Just because of all the sweet love nothings

You had whispered to me.

And just because I chose to believe you

And now I have nothing but hatred for thee

Seet Yee Bang

Copyright ©2007 Seet Yee Bang

So what you think? Very amatuer hor? I was only 18 then. What you expect. LoL. Never knew I was so steady right? Haha...this really helped to open your eyes and change your stupid ideas/impression on me ba. LoL.

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