Wednesday, July 18, 2007

18th July 2007, Wednesday

Sucky Food, Great Company

Yesterday, I booked a table for 10 @ Xiao Hong Lou before knocking off from work. Xiao Hong Lou is the seafood restaurant that YJ promised to treat me to. He's the second guy who delivers his promises. Another is Nelson. LoL. After work went to meet Feng, Nel and Shuen at Grace hairdresser. Nel kena summon again. Haha! Really sway. Shuen didn't, even though he was parked next to Nel. I asked them why and was told by Nel that cause he doesn't sit at some stupid, boring meeting, that's why kena fined. I was like huh? Shuen further explained. He told me he could park ANYWHERE, as long as it's under Aljunied GRC. *Wow* Mom told me Shuen might be a member of the TC or something. Oui..bro, like that ah, do something for our Bedok Reservoir lehz! Haha. After they are done, Nel drove me home and went Feng's house while I received a shock from my parents. My phone bill came up to a total of $707.85! -_-" About $600+ was calls made in China. Even I receive message also must pay. FUCK! And Kevin, your whining to me lasted 12 mins+, and I was charged at $26. CBZ. And I had a few accidental calls to Glen in Aust. Stupid phone. That's why I like flip phone so much. Don't have the habit of locking the phone. ARGH! Transferred $500 to dad yesterday. *Heart pain* I'm gonna declare bankrupt. Sigh. Went to bathe, and ate a little porridge mom cooked, since it was 24hrs since I last ate. Went out to Nel's block to pick both him and Feng up. Then off we go to Macs.
10 of us met up at Macs, 8pm last night. While waiting for Fuwei, Shuen decided to test my car. While it's in park mode of course. He stepped on my accelerator all the way and the sound wasn't that loud. *Told you so" =P He then went to his car and stepped on his...all the way. It's louder than mine. Hello, that's the difference between a 80+K car and a 79K car lehz. LoL. At 820pm, (surprisingly everyone is on time today) we left for East Coast. 4 cars. Each car has a passenger. I was the slow one, cause very sway, keep hitting red light. I decided to park the same place as last Sat, then while walking over to XHL, met up with the rest of them, who had parked somewhere else. We reached XHL and was surprised to see so many people there. Yeah, I did a right thing to book table! We sat upstairs and started joking about YJ and Ver holding a pre-wedding celebration. Haha! YJ also steady, ordered alot of food. Kept ordering and ordering. LoL.
1: Fried You Tiao
2: Cereal Prawns
3: Bamboo Clam (nice and big! Each pax one lehz)
4: Crayfish
5: Seaweed Tofu
6: Kai Lan
7: Steamed Duck
8: Fried Rice
9: Lobster (one per pax)

Guess how much is the total? $535. If the food is nice it's still ok. I didn't even finish my lobstser lor! You can guess how jialat it was. But the fried rice was nice, so is the bamboo clam. Crayfish abit dry. Tofu OK lah. Kailan majiam like biting raw kailan, tough and tasteless. Steamed duck was so dry! Even the skin doesn't appeal to me. Lobster...well I got take pics. When I upload you'll know whole table didn't eat finish. Lobster was overcooked, meat was tough and tasteless, there's black soot all over our plates and the whole thing just tasted so bitter. Mike complained to the head waitress. Lobster was brought to the kitchen and brought back. The cook tasted our lobster and said no bitter taste. Think his taste buds got prob. We weren't very happy with the experience yesterday. Next time I'll just stick to my Jumbo. YJ wanted to just pay all of the $535, but we each paid $40 to him, whereas Mike paid $100. Then we decided to go for our 10th course...desserts! Ice cream at Gelare Siglap!

Heng Feng brought me the right way. We actually arrived earlier than them. We went by Bedok exit while they went by the Marine Parade exit. LoL. Made a joke saying I used my Vtec, that's why I won them. Gelare was full when me, Feng and Nel reached. So we decided to go Haagen Dazs. It had been a very long time since we went out in such a big group at night.

We were entertained by the number of cars that thought the ERP is auto sensor. Eh very hard to explain. Ok. Like the pic lah. Card reader is somewhere before the "arm". People are just too used to automatic stuff that they thought the arm has an automatic card reader. Everyone just attmepted to drive closer and closer to the arm. At one period of time, we saw the stupid-est guy ever! There was this female (represented by pink) driving Peugeot 307 and the guy (in brown) driving Honda Oddessy. They are friends. The female drives up to the arm. We were watching here. We showed signs for her telling her that the cashcard reader is behind. She got out of the car, walked up to the brown car (which happened to be next to the card reader) and complained to her friend while she inserts the cashcard. VIOLA! The arm moves up, so she walk (or rather sashayed) back to the car and drove into the carpark. By then her friend, the brown car should actually know already right? But NO. The brown car does the same as the pink car. He drives towards the arm. And part of his hood had already crossed the arm. Then we signaled him to insert cashcard at the back, which he should already know cause his friend just did it! FAINT lehz! Want to drive car be smarter can or not? But it was pure entertainment watching these cars. LoL.
We left at 1145, satisfied and happy. Shuen went out pubbing, therefore YJ sent James and FW home, and I sent Nel and Feng home. Mike sent Joan home. Then we kid with each other saying we will meet at 3am for car racing at the bridge. Like real lah...Mike working at 4am, YJ's having fever and I confirm sleeping de lor. LoL. But I really wana try my Vtec again. Shuen told me my rpm went up to 5000 only. BKL he said. Find one day ba!

Baby Davina!

Met up with Victor kor and Doreen sao last Sat at TM. Victor was showing me how to carry the baby, cause I don't dare to carry her! Davina looks so fragile, as if she'll break or fall if I mishandle her. Scary.

Feng was so happy to be carrying her, and she was very comfortable in his arms! That includes her drooling and everthing. Haha!

See! She looks very comfortable hor? She majiam like wana fall asleep liaoz. She's 3mths + old nia lehz..very small in size.

Ok ok..finally relented. I carry. But think I carried her in the wrong way cause she was squirming and was uncomfortable. Still, she's very cute!! Tak boleh tahan. Call me jie jie when you can talk k? Don't call auntie. Haha! Just upload pics nia, cause Doreen uploaded onto her blog! Kekeke.

Random Photos

They actually have these lehz! Cut hair in the lane is about RMB$5 - RMB$10 only. I think. Didn't really ask. Haha!

This costs RMB$2 or RMB$3 only lor! Cheap hor? But I didn't do. Cool ultra old fashioned in a old fashioned street. Very huai jiu. Nice nice.

Their English.....still a long way to go man. Must read the English and the Chinese to get what they are trying to say.

I'm on their public bus! RMB$2 per pax. Bus can sit about...20 or 30 ppl, stand about another 10 or 20 lor. Small small de.

This is a highly recommended pot of porridge, enough for 7 pax. Nice!! With every scoop, there's at least 3 prawns lor! Nice nice....

This is MY serving. I ate 2 bowls. Only. The rest ate abt 3 bowls each min. But it was really nice lah, RMB$80 (SGD$16) nia, for 7 ppl. Affordable.

This is the baby of one of Trigger's clerk. She(the mom) is staying at level 1. This is her son! Cute hor, but he don't smile de. Damn dao.

My first and only time eating our canteen food. Ok lah, cause their food is oily and saltish. Since got saltish then I can eat liao lor! Keke.

Look at the Ronald McDonald. Very the China look hor? Chinese Ronald McDonald. Hee hee.

The nearest Macs is like 10min car ride, 30min bus ride and 10min walk minimum from my hostel. Damn far. And no green tea on the list. Nor is there Milo. Heck, China don't have Milo! Never heard or seen, until I brought mine over. And no cheeseburger, double cheeseburger or Shrek ice cream.

They are dangerous on the road. I swear.

I am just bored in the office. Damn bored. Took for fun.

No more pics! Ok gotta go back work liaoz. Damn shag out today. Ciaoz!

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