Thursday, July 19, 2007

19 July 2007, Thursday

It's finally Thursday!

Yes yes!! Tml can go out late late and sleep the whole of Sat le! Maybe can even jio Shuen go racing tonight? LoL. Don't know why but recently like cannot concentrate during work. No mood + slowed down. My emails seemed to be piling up everyday. Is this a sign that I'm getting slower or is the business picking up again? I choose the latter ba. At least I'll feel better. Manager called me into her office just now and handed me the official letter of my pay rise. I'll also be getting travel insurance covered by the company for the whole year. Manager even dared anyone to ask how come I'll have these treatments and they don't. Well if you guys not happy I get all these, you can have it and TAKE OVER MY JOB. I like meeting MY OWN customers. Cause the friendship is there when they load their PO, cause we'll chat and all. I don't want to visit Delta in Taiwa, nor do I want to visit Trigger. I want to visit Hon Hai again, and ITC, and Arkia! Especially Arkia. Their manager treated me to a scrumptious dinner the last time I was over at Hong Kong. *Roast goose and steamed groupa! Slurp* Who else do I want to meet? My Malaysia customer ATT ba. Can't be bothered with Solectron, Motorola or SCI. But if can, I don't mind visiting Sharon's Korean Korea of course. Haha!

I told Feng the other day. With higher pay, comes higher responsibilities. My manager not really that good de lah, she give me money then hint hint here about my work and all. Then say what NOBODY dares to delay whatever she gives out. And that it's only one item, how long could it take. Enough lehz! I do your thing then my thing no need do le lor! Faint lehz, me only human with 10 fingers, 1 brain and 2 hands. How much work load you wana put on me? So you guys don't envy me lah hor. When I'm crying and complaining to Feng you guys don't know de. When I'm stressed up and vent it on my loved ones, you guys lagi duno. I smile, I laugh, I joke, wherever and whenever, doesn't mean that I'm ok. Sometimes, or rather most of the times, I'm just a very good actress. Don't like so many people to know the true me. Especially those that depend on me. Sigh. Don't know how to say.

Got tired of asking Shannen to go out with us le. Guess she's not ready ba. Sigh. Don't know why she don't wana go out with us. It's not as if she's ugly or what. Who does she think we are? Some shallow freaks who judge people by their exterior? Nvm. Shall not ask her le. She logs into the forum everyday, she can see whether there's gathering. She wants she go. Kinda ask until sian, and everytime she will fu yan me. Disappointed. Anyway tonight also not meeting them since Feng tml got interview. Good luck dear! *Muacks + hugs* You can do it de! Think Nel wanted to catch a movie and he called me, first time asking me to go watch movie, 2nd time to ask me go sing KTV. Sorry bro, tired out. Want to close eyes liaoz. Think I go sleep. Nightz.
Bored in the office again.

You Are 80% Boyish and 20% Girlish

You have a tough exterior - and usually a tough interior to match it.
You're no nonsense, logical, and very assertive.
Sometimes you can't understand women at all, even if you're a woman yourself.
You see things rationally, and don't like to let your emotions get the best of you.

The other day (Tues), Nel went over to Feng's house to slack. They were discussing about Ruilin's character when they suddenly discuss about my character. Feng mentioned that I'm more of a guy than a girl. Well the test above proved it. Feng said that I think more like a guy, always wanting to dominate and that I have a very big ego. At least both of them didn't say I was bad tempered. They said I'm more of a quick tempered. I get angry easily, but I cool and forgive quickly enough too. Liang should have tasted that before. I've vented my anger, and / or quarreled with so many of my friends; Erin (this poor girl tahan the most shit from me. Maybe cause she sway cause she knows me the longest period of time since primary school! I love you Rin! *Big hugz*), Jacky (both of us quick tempered, but we cool off very fast), Thomas (over money somemore lehz..haha), Huiling (another poor girl, always kena scolded by me de), Eugene (shouted at him before, but all is ok within a day...buddies lehz), Bryan (poor guy come look for me for advice and I shout at him...poor thing) and lots more lah. Keke. Bad habit. Too dominating. Everything also want to win. But with Feng, when I'm alone, I'll want to love him and wish that he'll protect me and all. I guess I'm still a girl inside ba. Tsk tsk tsk.......

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