Wednesday, August 8, 2007

08 August 2007, Wednesday

Just For Laughs

Check this out. Really buey tahan. But what the lyrics said was true also ma. Haha! Singapore is the best man! Chinese version of This Is Where I Want To Be, by Yes 93.3. Maybe you've heard it, but check out the MTV! I almost rolled on the floor laughing lor!

Bimbos = Brainless Beauties

I seriously cannot stand bimbos. Never once was I called a bimbo; maybe the fact that I'm not pretty, has no figure, or I AM NOT BRAINLESS. I don't go like "Ekks! My nail polish was scratched", or "Ekks! The rain is going to ruin my makeup", or even "I'm not opening a durian. I'm not going to hurt myself for money." PLEASE!! In case you don't know what I'm talking about, visit Clearly For Men and on the top right, there's this marquee, click on Watch It Now. I watched it and seriously, I wana faint. At first, before watching the 3 episodes, I wanted to vote for June, cause she's plump, she's not skinny and pretty and tall...she's just a normal human. Then I saw Nicole Chen. Hmmz...pretty babe, wanted to vote for her, but then I watched the episodes and decided if I can vote, I would vote for Rachel. She's tall, she's a model, she's pretty and best of all, SHE IS NOT BIMBOTIC. She couldn't get the nut out of the wheel, she doesn't blame that somebody doesn't like her. When she opens the durian, she don't go eeks! or anything else. When she does the SOC, she willingly draws her face with the camo.

The worst I've seen was Nicole. Seriously. Before knowing about these episodes, I was reading Nicole's blog and thinking to myself that this girl not bad, don't think she's that bimbotic. OK...after watchinng that contest, I conclude she's not only bimbotic, she's STUPID as well. Piangz eh! Contest = competitive spirit. If you're just going to walk when others are running and still expect to win, well, it's time to wake up le lor! And seriously, when I see everyone doing to SOC, I was like laughing. Let me show them the correct way to do the suicide window...haha! During secondary school, for our Girl Guides' camp, we were made to climb horizontal ropes between 2 blocks, climb suicide window where the lower bar is actually higher than me and is built by the scouts (we were actually doing suicide window in the air...haha! Had to step on a chair to get to our suicide window) and were made to crawl in man-made mud. I still remembered that our seniors placed classroom chairs and canteen benches on the solil and just started spraying the soil with mud. Funnily, under such hot weather, it was shiok to waddle in the mud. LoL. We did leopard crawl and mom almost hit the roof when I came home with muddy tee and shorts, not forgetting bra and underwear. LoL. We did pumpings every Sat, and run 2KM during our PT. Not forgetting star jumps and drills. No wonder I was slimmer then. Really tak boleh tahan these bimbos.

Quoted from one of the contestant's speech "I didn't want anything on my face. It'll ruin my makeup." OMG. These people. Really steady. I have long nails too, and I don't go bowling because of my nails. Come on, when you have long nails and you bowl, it doesn't break at the most convinient part. It always break on the pink part of my fingers, which will lead to bloody fingers later. But I still do bowl once in a while, just as long as I cut my fingernails first. Or after the game if my fingers are not bleeding. As for makeup...can wash and put on again right? Regine keeps shouting "Unglam unglam!" Please...what do you know about unglam? By screaming and acting bimbotic, you're glamarous? Oh puh-lease. Glam is like Rachel, who keeps her cool no matter what. Rachel you have my vote! *Smiles* Can't stand females who are very gu niang. Scared of the strong wind which can ruin your hair? Or doing strenous work which can break your nails? DON'T BOTHER STEPPING OUT OF YOUR HOUSE. BETTER STILL, HIRE A MAID THAT WILL BRUSH YOUR TEETH AND COMB YOUR HAIR AND DO EVERYTHING FOR YOU. AS FOR YOU, JUST LIE ON THE BED AND BE AN INVALID. Gosh. I'm harsh. But really can't stand bimbos. YUCKS.

Seriously, I know people like that. I once asked a female if she wana go ice skating on Sat, since her bf, my bf and me likes to ice skate. She told me," Huh? Don't want lah, wait fall on my buttock very pain. Then inside all aircon, very dry, wait my face dry." *Faint* So I tried again and ask her, how about cycling at East Coast Park? She replied in a very mang zhang way,"HUH! Don't want lah! So hot! Can don't do sports or not? Can just go Starbucks sit down drink kopi while reading magazine? Hey look at this magazine, we go shop for this thing lah? Like very pretty and cheap hor?" *Faint and vomit blood*

FYI, although I'm lazy, I DO exercise once in a blue moon. I went Pulau Ubin with my classmates for a cycling session, we did go ice skating when Kallang skating rink was still there and I do wrestle with my guy. I guess some guys like these bimbos ba, so they can protect these girls. Well, to each his own. I do not like bimbos. I admire people who're stronger. Like Zhining, my classmate from Poly. At first I thought she's those aloof people, boh chup de. But then we (me and Saleha) uncovered her secret. She's in the National Women Water Polo team! WOW!! National lehz! And Saleha. Always buying the newest fragrance, and sometimes wearing powder on the face, but she climbs hills, goes for rock climbing, biking and anything that she thinks is fun. These are the true females. Strong, yet feminine. This is what all females should be. Else, we'll never be an equal to guys. Guys will always be way above us. Hmph! No! Girls rules!! LoL. I'm being dramatic liaoz....

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