Tuesday, August 7, 2007

07 August 2007, Tuesday

Silly Feng

Feng came over just now, after he went down to Hitachi to sign the appointment letter and after going to Ubi for a X-ray. Think his lungs full of tar liaoz. Kekeke. He is a STUPID guy. Yes you are stupid. Make me irritated. KNS. Din even notice that I'm having rashes and that I wana go out tomorrow. Argh! *Hits Feng* Stupid idiotic fool! Hmph! Guess tonight going home to makan again. His mummy's bday tomorrow, maybe after work pop by ba. Long time never go his house le. LoL. Anyway, Happy birthday Auntie!!

Missed TP

The other day, when I was walking to work, I passed by the bus stop where I used to take bus number 8 to school everyday. The sight is still the same, except I'm not in the picture anymore. I used to walk out and reach the bus stop at around 840 - 845, and everyday without fail, the buses zoom past the bus stop without slowing down. Either that or the bus will stop for a very long time, waiting for the passengers to move in. When I am lucky, I might be standing next to the bus driver, or even at the door on the steps. If I'm unlucky, well there's always cab isn't it? It only costs me $5 to get to school, and best thing about taking cab? I'm sent to the block and I need not climb any stairs! It's abit tough on my wallet though.

Seriously, I kinda missed school. I missed the holidays where I'll go back school for CCA meetings, or even freshmen orientation, or mentors camp. I also missed those times where I can skip class because I'm a student ambassador, or take part in some events. Of my 3.5yrs in School of Engineering, TP, I'd made alot of friends. Friends whom greet you when you walk down the concourse of Engineering. Friends who happened to be in the same class with you. Friends whom you can share projects with. Friends who laugh and smoke with you. I really did have fun. Meirong is one of them. Meirong is from Telecoms, whereas I'm from Microelectronics. I got to know of her existance because both Huiling and Suefong are from Telecoms. But I didn't start chatting with her until one of the camps held for mentors. Yihui also. he was the mentor head for one of the so many freshmen orientations I joined. We smoked together in the stairways when there's a break, together with John. And through all these people, I got to know MORE people! Like Randy. Don't think I got to know him anywhere except through Yihui. Cibao, although from my course, but we're different batch cause I retained, was from one of the MIE Freshmen orientation. I was from MIE studies club, of course I attended. I was the coordinator somemore. And Cibao is someone I would fiercely protect should anyone wana harm her. She's a great pal. =P

There's alot of other people whom I'd come in contact with throughout these 3.5 years. Like my juniors, Soon Poh and Janice. They're so cute. Janice used to be a quiet girl, shunning any activities during her freshmen orientation. I happened to be their class mentor. Sooh Poh was the noisy one, catching my attention, therefore I chose him to be the class rep. And Janice, now, is outspoken and a rascal (in a good way) at times. Soon Poh, he joined CCA and is a still the same. LoL. I missed this class. A409? I think? LoL.

I missed the orientation mass dance!! LoL. I remembered Philip trying to burn Prem's hairy legs when someone was going through the steps to the dance. And Prem got to be my partner and we were holding hands in such an awkward manner! Those rushing in and rushing out. It was great fun. Not forgetting all the free tee shirts and lunches and breakfasts. Although it wasn't always that fun, but you learn new things and meet new people. My last orientation had me waking up at 5am and reaching school at 6am. And joining Atomic Club (MIE Studies Club) had me staying in school until 11+pm on the first meeting! The subsequent times we stayed in school was on our own accord. Who could forget staying back to wrap the flowers until 12+am in school, and ordering pizza for dinner? LoL. And having meetings until 8+pm or sometimes later, which afterwards we went to the kopidiam opposite school to chit chat and have our dinner/supper? It was great fun.

Of course lah, school has exams. I can never forget how stressed up I was during my last semester exams. I actually cried while studying, cause I was too stressed up and couldn't remember anything I studied. The printing of ALL past year exam questions, and doing them everyday during the study week. And the comparing of answers after exams, and praying hard that I won't have sup papers again. LoL. The talk with my course manager..my lecturers...damn...I told myself I'm never going through that again. But then again, I just applied for university lehz. Haha!

Oh there's lecturers too! My course manager, Mr Wong Cho Loo, who's always the naggy one, but has a soft side too. I remembered I was having relationship problems at one point, and he could see. So he sat me down in the club room and had a chat with me. He actually enlightened me. Thanks sir! You really did helped me alot then. And most of my lecturers were so kind and caring towards me! Like Mdm Toh Leena. I was the last few to actually find a job, so she kindly introduced and secured a job for me at Motor Traders, since I like cars so much. Although it didn't quite work out, but I sincerely thank her for her help. Eh, her husband is the manager of Motor Traders lah. LoL. Even after I quit, and her husband was giving her alot of shits, she still stood by me, and asked if I had found a job. She is nice. And Lum Moon Kiong!! My supervisor! LoL. Don't see he always face black black, duno how to teach, he's actually a nice human lor! He's always the first to support me whenever I asked if he wana buy anything Atomic is selling, or whenever we have events, he would be the first to join. So nice lor! And Ng Kee Wee. So cute..haha! This lecturer always find me for lobangs. Ok lah, I'm resourceful cause I use the internet often mah. Haha! But this lecturer is great, cause he teaches me the things I need to learn, during and outside class. There's still alot and alot...like Mdm Siti, Ms Koh, Mr Andrew, Mr Fred...blah blah blah...MIE lecturers are all great! Opps...other lecturers are great too! Like Mr Ted (who always shares his chocolate and sweets with me during class), Ms Synthia Koh (for showing me that my English is acceptable but it still sucks), Mr Kan Cheong (for encouraging me to quit smoking and for buying me donuts to fill my tummy) and many many more lah! Got one lecturer can't remember her name le, but then she always shares gossips with me. Haha! I love TP!!

With such great teachers around, 3.5 years passed by very fast. Really very fast. Sometimes I wonder if I should fail another semester, just to enjoy all these. Abit stupid I guess, but who can blame me? I have great friends/classmates/coursemates/lecturers who filled my time with laughter and happy times. LoL. Gosh, I hope UniSIM accepts me and that there're people like that there. *Prays hard*

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