Thursday, August 9, 2007

09 August 2007, Thursday

Happy 42nd Birthday Singapore!

"One people, one nation, one Singapore...that's the way that we will be, forever more...."

Today is Singapore's 42nd year of independance! Happy birthday Singapore! We had came a long way. From trying to fit in with Malaysia, to being kicked out by them, to being independant, to what we are today. I am so proud of Singapore. "This is where I wana be..." No matter what, you are my home. No matter what some idiots say about you, I still love you! Singapore will always be this clean, this hygenic and safe!! LoL. With all the multi racial people, I get to know about other race's way of living. And their food! Oh glorious prata, and curry, and steak and Nonya food and laksa etc. Life is great! LoL. You try going to China to look for prata, or go India to look for Hokkien Mee, or the USA for nonya kueh. Get the idea? LoL. Nice nice food! *Growl* Hungry. Going to Feng's house later for lunch. His mom is cooking! Long time no eat liaoz. Can't wait. *Growl* Dad's asking me to buy something over for his mother, since they invited me over for lunch. Sigh. And I know I'm not going to watch fireworks later, cause Feng doesn't like the crowds and sitting down for hours to get a good seat and watch the sparkles in the air. He's dumb. LoL. Ok lah, gotta go wash up le. Going over at 12pm. Ciaoz!


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