Friday, August 10, 2007

10th August 2007, Friday

Half Day Blues

Sigh. Why today gotta work? So sianz lor! Yesterday didn't rest well lehz. Quarreled with mom yesterday. She damn jialat lah. Jealous of Feng's mom. Kaoz. Nvm. Long story. Anyway, yesterday went over to Feng's house have lunch, then smoked in the room. Think his brother was shocked to see me smoking. Haha. We fell asleep around 3+pm, after his cousins had left and woke up at around 4+pm. And we were debating where to go. We went back to my house to pick up the car and we drove to ABC market.

Poor Feng was screamed at and shouted at on the way there. Because. we. were. lost. And he don't want to admit it! What's with men! Just admit we're lost and take the road directory book and start looking at the map! Anyway he got screamed at very loudly. Cause I do not like the feeling of being lost. Huiling, Weiliang and Sue were screamed by me too when they tried directing me to some building in Orchard and they failed to realise where the carpark was. It's very pek cek one. I like to get in the car, drive to the place I know and reach there. I do not like turning in circles after circles, I WANT TO KNOW WHERE I AM. Stupid Feng kept asking me to drive straight and we drove from Portsdown Road to past Clementi! Steady or not? And where is ABC Market? It's at Bukit Merah. Near Queenstown. And Feng still kept asking me to go straight. If go straight somemore we're going towards the PIE le lor! Really faint lehz.

In the end we got to our destination and he apologized for leading me the wrong way. NOT AFTER I REMINDED HIM ANGRILY TO APOLOGIZE. LoL. And seriously, I thought we were going to eat something special or something very tasty. He brought me all the way from Bedok to Buki Merah to eat: PLAIN PORRIDGE. Those zhi cha, but they don't really serve rice cause people eat porridge there. MAJIAM LIKE TEOCHEW PORRIDGE LOR!! Faint lehz! After which we went Ikea for a walk, cause Ikea is just behind ABC market only. And then, I didn't want to go home. Cause there's a CAR (corrective action report) waiting for me. So I brought him to Holland V. It was his first time there. We went Breko's and had coffee. He liked it there. *Smiles* Finally. Something that he like. I had my Mocha Latte and a bowl of mushrooms. NICE!! Holland V changed quite a bit. It is no longer like the last timee I was there. Roads were blocked, and they built a multistorey carpark there! LoL. And there's this small shop selling games. The Maple cards are sold without GST. *Whistle* I bought my 3D archer. Me like Holland V! It's like a heaven for kopi lor! Told Feng I'll bring him over to eat dinner another day. Missed the food there.

We went home around 11+pm, and I vomited my mushrooms out. Think I ate too much. LoL. Then I did my report until 1am, chatted with Feng until 2am before I slept. Gotta work on Friday, even though it's a half day. Going UniSim in the afternoon to settle my stuff.

It feels like Saturday

It really feels like Sat today lor. I left workplace at 1pm, and met up with Feng opposite. We went back to my house to grab some things that I'd forgotten to take. Went down to market to re-develop my IC pics. Took a cab down to SIM and the stupid bitch kept looking at Feng! Hello, I know he's good looking, DO YOU NEED TO MAKE IT SO OBVIOUS?! Was wondering who is the applicant lor. Anyway, forgotten to bring my grad cert (not transcript..damn), and my IC. But they will still process my application lah. Waiting for Nov to know the results. Went next door to get paper wrap chicken, (very famous de), but then it was closed. So while squabbling, we decided to cab down to Bishan. We ate Pastamania, and seriously, the garlic bread there is much much nicer than the Tampines branch. And each of us had 3 pcs lehz! SHIOK!! Decided to catch Simpsons, but it wasn't showing, so watched Rush Hour 3 instead. It was funny! Hilarious! Haha! Couldn't stop laughing lor! It was damn damn funny. The way Carter speaks Chinese, the kungfu giant at the Kungfu house, and the surnames, Yu and Ni. LoL. Decided to eat Koo Kee Yong Tau Fu for dinner, cause I didn't get to satisfy any of my cravings today. Ate and halfway went to shit. LoL. So nice of my stomach hor? After dinner, cabbed down to Grandlink for Dota. He starting work soon, let him play ba. Lost 3 games and finally won the last. Fuck. Lost even though I used Shadow Sharman. Grrrr...but everyone praised me on the use of my net. LoL.

Feng came over to stay overnight and supposedly going to eat breakfast later at market de. See if I can wake up or not lah hor? LoL. Nightz everyone. Me go pak game liaoz.

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