Thursday, August 16, 2007

16 August 2007, Thursday

Walk into the past of Custom

I went to collect my passport some time last month at ICA. While waiting for my turn, (there was 500+ people ahead of me and I was there at 10+am), we went to gallery. I didn't know Singapore customs were so advanced! I know it's rather old story, but this time I actually uploaded the pics I took over there. Got bored yesterday so uploaded all the pics.

These things are banned in Singapore. Hmm, now we know what they do with the things they confiscate at the customs. They put it in the gallery of ICA! Haha. Ok..these are the pipes and everything. The different type of pipes for smoking. Cool. I wished I had one of these.

The different kinds of weapons. Some are just toys, but were confiscated at the customs. Heard from my parents that these toy guns might be mistaken for a real gun when in a gunfight between a civilian and a police. The police might shoot civilian if they see the gun, in order to protect themselves. And even if the civilian is carrying a toy, the police is still right. So for those who "successfully" smuggled the toy guns and knives, keep it at home. Someone once told me that for special weapons, unless you have the permit (tax), all will be confiscated. Wow. Better not try anything funny.

Corals should be left in the sea. No matter if they are dead or alive. Shells, no matter how pretty, they were processed by the natives of the islands. Please, don't bring back to your home to collect dust. Leave it where it belonged, so that other people can enjoy the view. As for the's just plain illegal lah. Like skeleton so much, put chicken head on your wall lor! Or fish. LoL.

Have you guys seen the 生死簿 of Singapore? Dad told me long long time ago, all births and deaths in Singapore were not computerised. Therefore, all information will be recorded in this book. Can imagine the person doing this job very kelian. Imagine 30 new babies are born (last time birth rate very slow), and about 20 - 30 deaths, he/she has to write 60 lines. WITH NO ERRORS. I failed to see any liquid paper or correction. All were written in neat handwriting. On it will be the name, his/her IC number, home address at birth, time of birth, place of birth, death time and date of death. Cool right? It's like having a history of Singapore. I like. =P

This is our IC from long when there is Singapore until now!! *Whistle* Some were dated during the WW II. Paper nia lehz. Kaoz. Just imagine having to carry such a big IC around and since it's just paper, what if we accidentally threw it away, thinking it's rubbish? Oh..and the one above our current IC, I remembered vividly that my parents had it when I was younger. It was paper laminated with a special cover. I still remember the surface wasn't smooth at all and had little bumps. You had to change IC every 10 years, and every 10 years there will be those people from ICA, then called SIR, coming down to CC in every neighbourhood to change these IC for you. Those were the days man. LoL.

Olden times passport. Ok I have absolutely no comments on this but I had this passport that is longer than what we have now. I had my own passport when I was 6 months old. Haha. And I still do keep all of them. Anyone wana see how a 20+ year old passport looked like?

Of course lah, who can miss out the birth certs? Mine was the second from top on the right. I wonder where I had put it. The current one very big lehz. Like very yucks. LoL. I prefer mine. Although no picture, but I still prefer mine. LoL.

Ok lah...these are the only pictures I took. There are some other cool stuffs, but go see it yourself. Oh yah! After you've been to the gallery, you'll stop wanting to smuggle in CDs or ciggies by the box (10 packs of ciggies in each box). They have some gadgets that will really wow you. You didn't get caught cause they are slack. You didn't get caught cause you were lucky. Luck won't be with you forever. They have this gadget that can scan your whole car. I asked a friend of Feng, who is with the ICA, and he told me everything can be seen through. 1 pack of ciggies, they let you go. 1 - 2 pirated CD (non-porn), it's ok. Anything more, well, kena fine lor! Then things confiscated lor! Just like Feng's friend, brought 5 packs of ciggies from Indonesia and was fined. $1000. At World Trade Centre. They are everywhere. Beware. *Muahahahaha*

Lunch time!

Dad brought us to somewhere in Tiong Bahru to have porridge. *Sianz* Those who know me knows that I don't really eat porridge de. But dad already drove us there, so boh bian. Dad told me that we have to wait quite awhile as they do not use gas to cook the porridge. Instead, they use the olden ways by using charcoal. Wow. No wonder dad insisted that we come here. It's something you don't eat everyday. And it's self service! Meaning, if you want any side dish, go get it yourself. LoL.

While waiting for our porridge, my family had eaten 5 plates of 生鱼片 and 1 plate of 皮蛋。The fish was OK nia lah. But then what you expect for $3/plate? Tio bo? You garnish your side dish yourself one. I added oil and chilli and ginger and spring onion according to my likes. People there are just too busy to serve you these things. They rather watch the fire and cook your porridge.

Porridge came after we finished all the side dishes. Looked fantastic. The fish inside are also big pieces. Total damage was about $20+, less than $30. About $28 if I don't remember wrongly. I guess it's quite ok ba. 1 normal plate of raw sliced fish cost $8 at East Coast Hawker Centre liao. Furthermore, this has more fish slices.

What I don't like about this porridge is that they mince the ginger! Yucks. Half the time I was scooping out the ginger and giving it to my parents. I hate ginger. By the time I finish scooping, my bowl of porridge is ony 2/3 full. LoL. And the porridge wasn't smooth. Dad insisted it was nice, whereas my mom and me don't think so. It's special, and fragrant, but not smooth. Don't know how to explain lah. Anyway, that was the first time I was there, and it might be my last. The only thing that will draw me there are the side dishes. =P

Random Pics

Told you I uploaded a few pics liaoz. But can't seem to find the pics from Rong meimei's birthday. Tonight go upload again. LoL.

Bamboo clam! This is then nicest one of all man! It's big and juicy and nice! Anyway that's Nel's bamboo at the top. LoL. Cooked with garlic, salt and dong fen. Nice man! Can I have one more please? But this costs about $11 each. Haha! And silly YJ ordered 10! We have 10 people lah. My first seafood meal after I came back from China. So nice of YJ!

Fried crayfish with garlic and butter @ Little Red House. Where is the garlic? LoL. Lighting wasn't very nice. Paiseh. Very blur also hor? Aiyah, it looks like it tastes. Nothing nice.

When I first saw this hor, I was like huh? What is this? Crayfish again? Then Shuen told me it's lobster. -_-" Lobster? Oh lobstser! So I happily tucked in. But then hor! The meat was dry and tough (most prob overcooked) and has no taste! Except for the burnt taste lah. I realised I wasn't the only one with the complaint. Everyone wasn't touching their lobster. We complained to the head waitress and even had her send it back to the kitchen for the chef to taste. She came back and told us it is like this, since we ordered BBQ lobster. -_-"" Doesn't taste like BBQ. More like BURNT ON STOVE lobster. And it's 200grams of lobsters (including shell) each. Haha.

So in the end nobody ate it. Everyone just put on the turntable and started complaining. That's James, Verlyn and YJ (from left to right) complaining to Mike I guess, or was it the waitress. LoL. Poor YJ paid $530 for this meal! WTF. So in the end we paid him a little. Not nice lah. My first time at Xiao Hong Lou and it will be my last. Fucked up. Service as well as food. We sat in aircon room which does not have aircon at all. -_-#

Nice view right? Taken while waiting for the lift at my block. Yes yes, this is in SG. From Bedok Reservoir Rd.

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Dad forced me to take this pic of him when we were back in Malaysia last last weekend. We were at the new shopping centre in Batu Pahat and I just bought 4 new story books. Was reading it when my dad thought it would be cool to take this pic. I have a very lame dad.

Abit too bright. But these are my maple tikams. Feng calls them Gachapon, as what the in game calls the tikam tikam. LoL. This is just part of it.

Tadah!! My whole collection! LoL. Duno how much I'd spent here. Don't ask me...haha!

Will someone buy me this dog? Saw this at PLC of Simei. So cute and kelian lor! Sob sob. The guy says he's willing to let go of this dog for 2K. Anyone wana donate $2K to me? Keke.

Ok there's no more pics liao. Update tomorrow le lah ok? Need to get my ass back to work. LoL.

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