Wednesday, August 29, 2007

29 August 2007, Wednesday

Bitching Time!

Muahahaha. I created another blog. Just to bitch and write my deepest darkest secret. Don't worry. All posts are locked. And the password is different for every post. Muahaha! This week is a nickname of Alex. Curious what I wrote in the blog? Ask Alex for ALL his nicks lor. Give a hint lah. The nick is engraved somewhere on him. Kekeke.

Oh yah, I got so boh liao until I created a FAQ about myself. Damn funny. At least I think it is funny. LoL. You can read the FAQ. But as for the blog...well...if you can't read means you're not in my list. That simple.

Yeah! Lost Weight!

I weighed myself last night. I lost 2KGS in 1 week! Yeah!! I should keep it up with my daily meals. I'm so proud of myself last night. I only ate 1 plate of rice with 1 drumstick only! *Claps hands* Usually I'll eat 2 plates - 3 plates of rice with BOTH drumsticks and BOTH wings. Muahaha. I kept drinking the veggie soup. Good good. I'm so proud of myself. Must continue like this. I've another 8KGS to wear off. Anyone has any diet meal suggestions? I'm eating 3 spoonsful of oats every morning with marmite; lunch will be 2 pieces of bread, little butter and a slice of ham; dinner will depends on what my mom is cooking or where I'm going. LoL. No exercise required! For now lah. LoL. Until my weight can no longer drop, I will exercise. =P

8 more KG before I can wear the white dress I bought during CNY! Can wear to Cousin Han Lee's wedding in Oct lor! Yeah! *Jumps around excitedly* Ok lah, me go koonz le. Damn shagged out. Ciaoz.

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kaiwen_dreams said...

Hi! im kaiwen! was looking through blogs from and your blog caught my attention...your blog is well done...hope mine can do the same...keep up the good work!!!!