Sunday, September 16, 2007

16th September 2007, Sunday

Couting Down

Mom and dad's leaving less than 24hrs. They are taking a plane to KL, where they'll meet up with my aunt and her husband, before flying to Turkey and Greece. So jealous. Dad asked me to save up on my leave, next year go USA. LoL. He knew that I wanted to go USA for the longest time. LoL. I wana go Orlando, go Las Vegas, go Utah, go NY...basically whole of USA. Kekeke.

Parents haven't pack yet, but I'm driving them to the airport tomorrow night. I'll definitely miss them. But then look on the bright side, 9 days without nagging and "government". But then again, 9 days without mom's cooked food. Sigh. Maggie mee? LoL.

Gonna drive to work this week, starting Tuesday. Kekeke. Very lazy of me hor? But then easier for me to go out after work also. Get dinner or whatever. Hope my parents come home safely. Mom says that I'm a nag. Cause I asked her if she had packed medicines, asked her to bring this bring that. Now my turn to nag. That time went China my mom nag. I guess..that's why we're related. LoL. *Hugz my parents* Must be safe k?

And remember my pressies! I want a new wallet, perfume, and whatever you can find over there. Just don't bring home muslim guy for me. I still wana eat pork. Seesha maybe? Wait long long. Carpets? Kekeke...K lah gotta go sleep. Tomorrow gotta work, then come home and send my parents to airport le. Sigh. I hope 9 days passes very, very quickly.

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