Monday, September 17, 2007

17 September 2007, Monday

Congrats Girl!

Was chatting with SF over MSN. Just last Friday she told us that she went for an interview with SCI. And today she's telling me that they called her up to offer her the position. She's still waiting for them to call her to make the appointment to sign the contract. She's real lucky.

She's like changed so much. From someone who just wants a diploma during Poly, to someone who knows so much about the world (sadly not much about SG..keke). She knows more about the industry, the different degree and their worth. Maybe it helps when you have 3 elder siblings who grad from local Uni with different degrees. LoL. Anyway, her pay was raised in March to 2K at her present company. Though she's working under contract, her pay was much higher than anyone under the same contract. Well you get what I mean. When she applied to SCI, she requested for MORE than what she had gotten at her current job. DUH right. But what surprises me is she had asked for >20% pay rise. Woah! If SCI gives her the job, her take home pay is my gross pay lor!!! *Faint*

She had really got me thinking whether I had taken the right path of studying Bsc in Electronics. I mean I do want to be an engineer, but with my skin condition it is difficult for me to go into cleanrooms. And seriously, I'm 25, turning 26 in another 6 mths. I don't wish to see myself stuck at the same position with 200 or 300 increment every year. It's time for me to wander out and see how big this stupid world is. No, I'm not jealous that her pay's gonna be higher than me, or she's more successful than me. Nopez. In fact, I'm happy for her. She's one great friend that believes in me. Yupz. I should be glad that at least one of us is doing well. =] That's what friends are for.

Last Friday I met up with classmates from poly yr 1. About half had just finished NS and are using me as comparison to what they should be getting for their basic pay. I'm always the loser, the last in class, the boh chup attitude. So they use me as a gauge. I guess. So long as their pay was more than what I had gotten during my first 3 months in F/R, then they're safe. LoL. Anything. Whatever. I'm ok with it. It makes me feel kind of good too, knowing that they're using me as a benchmark to their pay. Means they look up to me, they want to beat me...cause I had beaten them. LoL. In your face lah hor...1yr plus ago you said my job was a no brainer job. FYI, this no brainer job had gotten me perks that you would not get. Gave me experiences that other "no brainer" job would have. Gave me a pay that other "no brainer" jobs can meet. HAHA. Fuck off.

Anyway Huiling told me that she's graduating in another 1.5yrs. Damn, that's fast! It seemed like yesterday when we just grad from poly lehz. 2 years. I've graduated for exactly 2 yrs le. Told HL I want to venture out. She just laughed and reminded me that I'd been telling her since I started working at F/R. Maybe it is time for me to move on. I really cannot see myself working in one place that gives me pay increment of 200++/yr. How long would it take me to reach the 30K/yr (w/o bonus) mark? Nah...maybe it's time to move on. Any lobangs anyone?

Random Videos

LoL. Was laughing my ass off. So cute!! If only they have best police of the month. This police is definitely getting it! At least he'll have my vote though...

Hope this doesn't happens to Feng when he comes visit me or when we're living together in the future! Knowing him...he won't. LoL.

I LOVE Ikea! If only our adverts in SG are like these....

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