Tuesday, September 18, 2007

18th September 2007, Tuesday

So Sad...Alone

Mom and dad just arrived at Dubai, this morning, 830am. They're taking a transit flight to Greece, so they'll arrive at Greece at around evening, Greece time of course. Yesterday I cried. Couldn't stop the tears. Was already dropping tears on the way there, then I insisted on sending them off. We sat around the check in area and chatted. Mom asked if I wanted any money, I told her I didn't want it. Dad said I was stupid. People give me money I don't want. LoL. Guess I just want my mummy. Once they walk to the custom, I cried. Feng dragged me away so I wouldn't cry. But I did.

They went in at 825pm, and it was about 850 then I left the airport. I asked Feng if he wanted me to send him to work first. He told me it's ok, send myself home. He'll walk to work later from my house. I started wailing (while driving) that I don't want to go home...cause nobody's home anyway. Eyes got a little blurry and Feng told me to stop crying so I could drive. Well, at least I didn't endanger or cause any accident on the PIE yesterday night.

I was OK when I parked the car, that was when my parents called and checked if I was home. I started crying again. Feng accompanied me home and I cried all the way until he was about to leave for work. He stayed until 1030pm and started work 1hr later than usual. Thanks dear. I walked around the house, boiling water, checking that all electronics are turned off before heading to bed at 1130pm. Then I cried again. Was developing a headache from crying too much so I took a panadol and went to sleep. Tears were still dripping when I was trying to sleep. Goodness knows when I had fallen asleep.

This morning my aunt gave me a morning call, as ordered by my mom. She called me slightly before 8am. I woke up and went to heat my food before bathing. Bathed and I remembered dad telling me to look after his plants. So I watered his plants before having breakfast. Drove to work today. Funny feeling leh, driving to work. Guess I'm not used to it. =P

Now I'm just counting down to the days when dad and mom will be back. I'm picking them up from the airport on 26th! They'll be arriving in SG at 1750pm, meaning by the time they touch down, I'll arrive after my work. =P So happy! Just 9 more days. Must be a brave girl, be good. Cannot cry.....

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