Wednesday, September 19, 2007

19th September 2007, Wednesday

I'm A Big Girl

I can look after myself. Yesterday I didn't cook dinner, since there was still some leftovers from Monday night. But tonight, have to cook. Despite the headache, I decided to cook my minced pork tonight. Came home and was sad to find out that the bak chor haven't defrost yet. Damn sad. Mom put all the pork into the freezer, then yesterday night I shifted one packet to the fridge. Sadly by the time I come back just now, haven't defrost. Damn sad. No bak chor to eat tonight.

Since having headache, must eat veggies. No lah..but mom cultivated this habit in me. I must eat veggies when I eat rice. I boiled some broccoli and cooked spare ribs. Boh bian. Sigh sigh.

Boiled broccoli with mushroom sauce. LoL. I ate finish this! Yummy yummy. I love veggies lah.

This is the spare ribs. In the process of cooking. LoL.

When the spare ribs was at this stage, I just lowered down the fire and went to bathe. Don't worry lah, it's safe. The ribs were 3/4 cooked nia and I bathe pretty fast de ok!

Yeah the finished product! Very oily hor? Don't worry. The meat not oily de. Cause all drained to one side. Not bad lah, but then maybe not cooked cripsy enough.

Cannot finish my dinner though. It's difficult cooking for 1 pax. Seriously. One rice one dish, no variety. One rice 2 dishes, can't finish. I finished 2 plates of rice le, still can't finish the rice. In the end, threw the excess rice away when I was cleaning Cinnamon's cage. LoL. I managed to finish the veggie though. Meat still got left abit. Tomorrow night eat ba.

I'm a grown up girl. I clean my rabbit's cage every night, mop that portion where I dirtied, wash the dishes and watered the plants. Yeah. I can take care of myself. But then I still want my parents to come back. I missed them. They finally reach Greece at 630pm yesterday. After 21hrs of travelling. Tsk tsk tsk. LoL. 8 more days!! Gonna cook chicken wings this weekend. LoL. Can't wait!!

My Lazy Bunny

My baby, my pride. Kekeke. Aka my fat daughter. One tile is about 7 inches by 7 inches. So you can roughly gauge how big sized she really is. LoL. No I do not feed her with alot of stuff. I only feed her twice a day. With rabbit food. But she's cute ain't she? This picture I took when I let her out yesterday. LoL. She's trained not to pee on my floor. She only pees in her cage and on beds. Yes beds. LoL. She's one attitude rabbit. My Cinnamon. I love her.

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