Thursday, September 20, 2007

20th September 2007, Thursday

So Housewife!

Today I feel so housewife. After work, I picked up Feng and went back home. Wanted to tabao, but I don't feel like eating outside food. At least when I cook, I know what is added. LoL. Asked Feng if he's hungry and since he said can wait, so drove home to cook. Once home, I put down the bag and started searching the fridge for food.

As I mentioned yesterday, I need veggies. So definitely got veggies. And meat. Know Feng recently not feeling good, so decided to fry him his favourite luncheon meat lor. So like all housewives, when I'm cooking, the man relaxes. Feng fed Cinnamon, played with her a little and fell asleep. All the while leaving me ALONE in the kitchen, not even peeking in to see how I was doing. @#$%^&

Woke him up at 730 when I finished cooking everything. Went to bathe and know what? He found excuse saying that he wana wait for me to eat together. Actually so he can sleep an extra 15min. LoL. I bathed finish le, he still sleeping. I had to get him his rice, before he finally woke up. WTF. Ji tao serve him lehz! Nvm. See what I've cooked today. Kekeke.

I'm so proud of myself. My veggie is clean and green. Fried veggie...qing cao bai cai. So nice. LoL. Feng finished all. Cause I don't want to keep. Kekeke. It's edible..please! I always score 70+ and above for my home econs practical de hor. And not forgetting mom has been training me to cook since young. =P

Yum yum!! Finally get to cook my bak chor today! Yeah!! It melted!! Kekeke. At this point it's boiling. And yupz. There's potato in it. Feng seemed to like this dish. Hmm...

Tadah! The end product. Damn..write too many reports liaoz. Anyway it's just simple dish. What you expect. I prepare, cook, and wash (some dishes) all in 45 minutes. Multitask lehz. LoL.

Feng's comfort food. Don't cook too much, cause my spare ribs from yesterday night still waiting for me. Fry fry fry...*hums*

Yeah! His comfort food. He told me morning ate liao. In the end he ate 3 of the biggest pieces. KNS.

And after dinner, what do I do? What all housewives do lor. What all housewives do lor. Watch TV. LoL. Then I cleaned Cinnamon's cage. As in really clean. Washed it with Dettol. Tomorrow my skin is gonna get it liao. Why lehz? Cause The Man is relaxing, watching me clean the cage. @#$%^&*

I told Feng to wash the dishes for me and told him to assemble the clean cage. Relaxed for a moment, and when I went back to the kitchen to clean my cups, I realised FENG HAD SCRATCHED MY PAN. *Faint* I started shouting at him. It's not so bad if he admits it straightaway or that the pan is clean. BUT THE PAN IS STILL OILY. Argh! Tried to give him BOD, so I picked up another pot, and guess what? Yes, it's oily also. In the end I washed both AGAIN. Feng is so going to kill me if he sees this. LoL.

Therefore I shall announce that Feng is banned from the kitchen; whether it's cooking, preparing or washing. Until he can prove to me that he can clean as well as I do. Considering that I rarely do it, yupz, he better learn it fast. LoL. Sent him to work and here I am, blogging! Cause tomorrow in office definitely very busy. Manager's flying off on Sunday, and my engineers are on I gotta give all the reports by tomorrow. Damn. Sianz. Cannot play game liaoz. go play PSP le lah. Nights all...yellow face woman signing off. (Impossible! I can go into kitchen and walk out into the hall. 入的了厨房,进的了厅堂. I am a successful woman who juggles career and family! *Puke*) Ok ok..whatever lah. Ciaoz!

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