Sunday, September 23, 2007

24th September 2007, Sunday

Housewife - Part II

Sat night. Not going out. Cause Feng working tonight. Since Feng's parents were out of town, he came over for dinner. I cooked some simple dishes and he came over at about 6pm. I had finished cooking by then.

Long time no eat fish le. Just fry and add soy sauce nia. Simple simple lah. Only got 1 hr to prepare and cook everything.

Guess what's this? Cabbage lah!! Kaoz. Stir fried cabbage with luncheon meat (leftovers from the other day. LoL). This is during the cooking process.

Tadah!! The finished products. Silly Feng loved this dish to bits. He told me that this is the first time he had eaten luncheon meat with cabbage. I told him this was my first time trying this combination too. His face was like -_-" Haha!! This is nice. Must teach my mummy so she'll cook for me too! LoL.

Looks like normal minced pork hor? Making steamed salted fish with minced pork. speciality lehz! But Feng still preferred the cabbage. I preferred this. This is soooo nice lor! My salted fish are all fried before I add it into the minced pork. I don't even have to add any additional seasoning!

It really really tastes delicious. Yum yum! Maybe make it again sometime next month. I still got 2 slices of salted fish left. Who wants to eat? Next time I cook this dish I inform you lah! Who wants? LoL.

After dinner, I washed the plates and served Feng the 泡生菊花 (correct or not huh? Pao sheng with ju hua) I made earlier in the afternoon. He pu zua lah. Then I cleared the rabbit's cage. Again. Especially when SOMEBODY promised to do it on Sat. He gave many excuses. Tsk tsk. Sent him to work and then came home to water the plants. If married life is anything like this, I'll be bored to death. Very very soon. So boring lor! And so many fucking things to do. ARGH! Don't like. I salute all housewives out there man. Oh yah! Still got wash clothes. Piangz. Still must hang clothes, boil water, wash pots and pans. Really faint. Salute salute. Gonna not take my mummy for granted when she's back man. LoL.

Housewife - Part III

Woke up today. So sad. Nobody buy breakfast for me. Feng was working the previous night, so that means I stayed home on a Sat night too. Everyone's so busy with their partners and/or studies, so nobody go out with me. Sad. Anyway, poor Feng came over at 1pm, after an hour's rest, to help me wash car. LoL.

Breakfast was instant noodles and prawn dumplings soup. Weather was very good in the morning...raining. LoL. Means I don't need to wash car? Nopez! Coz the sun came up shortly after, and I psycho-ed Feng to come give me a hand to wash the car. It had gotten very dirty recently. Feng was sleeping when I called him, so he blur blur agreed. While waiting for him to come over, I vacuumed my whole house and even mopped the floor! Very housewife. LoL. Then I checked if my clothes are dry and took them off the hangers. Mine is not bamboo pole one. Never did and never was. Thank God. ^_^
Feng came over at about 1pm, and stupid me, parked under the sun. Meaning, when we wiped the car with soapy water, it dries up. When we wipe the windscreen and the bonnet, by the time we wet the cloth, the windscreen dried up liaoz. *Faint* Had to work fast. Feng kept talking in the Indian accent, pretending to be the Bangala who washes the cars at my block for a monthly fee. Damnn him. I don't think it was funny. Weather so hot, all I wanted to do was hurry wash and hurry go. Finished washing car le went home, then suddenly both my hands sudden outbreak of rashes. Feng was scared to death. He hurriedly went to take an ice cube and went over my arms with it. It scared me too! Then Feng and I slept. Well, he did anyway. I couldn't sleep with him snoring in my ears. =P

I watched tv until about 5+pm, woke him up and we went to have dinner. Went parkway!! Ate Sakae Sushi, damn full. Saw his friend from TKD. Then I bought 3 pairs of shoes! 2 from Bata and 1 from C&K. At C&K we saw another friend of his. Joycelyn! LoL. She was also shopping for shoes. She got $20 voucher but she cannot wear most of the shoes in the shop. At least for now. She's pregnant you see, and her husband don't want her to wear heels. In the end also wear heels. Feng forbid her to wear until she gave birth. Feng's the God-father lah. Poor Joycelyn. They suggested to meetup on Thursday. Hmm..see how ba. ^_^

Damn tired. Reached home about 11pm. Need to bathe and all. ARGH! Me go koonz liaoz. Buaiz and nights!

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