Tuesday, September 25, 2007

25 September 2007, Tuesday

Hooked Onto HM

I am so hooked onto this game recently. Was first introduced this game about 8 years ago, by my ITAS gang, Xiujun and Co. That time we were playing on PC, and there were 5 females for us to chase back then. But I don't remember last time got sheep or rivals lor. Nor were there ores for us to dig. Or is my memory failing me? Anyway, recently Feng lent me his PSP after he went to install this game for me. And every night I would play and play...can't seem to put it down. I have this for my GBA also. Who wants can borrow from me. LoL. I also have this game for PS 2. Harvest Moon. The PSP version is Harvest Moon: Boy & Girl, whereas the GBA is Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town; and for PS2, I not very sure cause too lazy to go Feng's house play. That game was given to me by my ex-colleague, Yen, cause she finds it too chim to play. =P

This is the short clip of how the game is like. This guy had expanded his house, gotten married and like maxed out everything. That's my goal, although my wife would be another char bor. LoL. Harvest Moon rocks!

This is the ending that I want. LoL. To marry Ann. Hey I'm still straight ok.

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