Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Was watching the 9pm show on SCV 55 last night and the main leads, Charmaine Sheh(佘詩曼)and Joe Ma(馬德鐘) had met with an accident. Apparently Charmaine Sheh was supposed to be leaving on the train and Joe Ma had sent her off (in the show lah). Suddenly there was a crash. Joe Ma rushed to the tracks to find Charmaine after knowing the train had derailed. So I asked my dad a few questions. We like to squbble over the shows you see.

Me: Why the train will derail one leh?
Dad: Cause got terrorist ma.
Me: Huh? What terrorist?
Dad: Great-great grandfather of Osama lor!
Me: -_-"

So as all lead actors and actresses who are deeply in love (in the show), Joe went to find Charmaine. Charmaine went against the flow (which was funny, cause half the passengers went running back towards the train station and another half in the opposite direction). When they saw each other, the train blew up. At this point my father shouted in glee,"There I told you terrorist attack! Where got cabin suddenly explode de! Must be got bomb!" And as all tv shows goes, they are seriously hurt yet they want to crawl towards each other. Then my father started his daddy-logy again.

Dad: Girl, you know that actors and actresses hate wide screen tv like ours?
Me: Why?
Dad: Cause they have to crawl from one end to another end...very tiring.
Me: *Fainted*
Dad: Especially the Indian movies. Cause they always run towards each other. By the time they reach their partners, they too tired to hug or kiss or whatever le.

My daddy. Yeps. No wonder I'm so lame sometimes. It must be in the genes. So after a min or so, Charmaine and Joe finally reach each other, yet with their hands stretched to the limits, they're still short of a few inches of touching each other.

Me: Daddy they short of a few inches!! So sad!
Dad: Cause our tv is just these few inches longer than normal tv ma.
Me: -_-""

- 30 October 2007, Tuesday -

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