Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Haywire In Office

Yesterday I screamed at Huiling. Over the phone. Sorry girl. But you really caught me in a bad time. And the thing you're asking me, like not very important. IF I'm going to Taiwan, it's to work. Where got time to help you queue at the bank to change money? Ask my supplier help me queue? Cannot be ma. And what big amount are you talking about? A few hundred SG money? And thing is you came back from Taiwan so long ago, why now then want to change? Furthermore I was busy yesterday. Think can hear my voice abit buey song already. Sigh. Whatever it is, sorry for screaming at you girl.

Many people had wished me early bon voyage. I thought I might be going to Taiwan in November as suggested by my manager. But then company really shorthanded. Xana (my team leader) is going for an operation this Friday, and might be on 3 weeks MC. And Shannen's brother had chicky pox, which she might get. That's 2 down in the office. If I leave for the trip, who's taking over team A's work? Eileen and Sharon? Will die lor. 2 people covering 5 people's job? Impossible lah. Furthermore I'm going for tooth extraction. Yupz, went dentist on Sunday, was told that I would need to extract my 2 top wisdom teeth and the one at the bottom left. 1 day MC per upper wisdom tooth. 1 week MC for bottom wisdom tooth. Where can go wor.

But things in office seemed to be going haywire. Maybe this is year end le. Our manager is catching us on alot of things. My bonus seemed bleak. *Sigh* For all those people who wished me a bon voyage, I thank you guys. But most probably it's gonna postpone till further notice. Thank you for your concern though. Concerns are appreciated by receiver.

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