Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Good Life

I drove to work today. As usual, I tried to be low profile. Don't want people to know that I'm driving when everyday I'm complaining about being poor. But little do they know, I am actually aiming for another car and had already ordered it. My dream car, Honda S2000, is getting closer. Will be getting the car 2 months later. Can't wait!

People used to see me no up since primary school. Why? Just because I'm playful? Peopole tend to love to compare their results with me, bacuse I'm always the last in the class, if not, worse than whoever is comparing with me. When I just started out in the work industry, "friends" still liked to compare with me. "Oh you're still unemployed? So good, unlike me...working for a couple of months already." Sentences like this was common. That is until I'd gotten my first job and after one year, my pay was raised and still people compared. Except they were stunned by my pay. Should say thank you to my superiors for giving me the chance I guess. I got to travel and gain experience. I got to enjoy the perks while being overseas. They stopped comparing and started getting envious.

Life was great and soon, I was headhunted. Don't see me no up anymore. Playful also got people want de. My pay raised by many percent, and soon, I was able to afford my own car. Except I didn't want my colleagues to know. Pay is a very sensitive thing. Because of my playful character, many people are not happy with the attention I am getting...as well as a pay to match. Told you le, don't see me no up.

And not many people know...but I'm getting married next year. =P We'd bought our house at Bedok Reservoir..a 5 room flat with balcony. I can finally have a balcony to watch the stars and smoke. Yepz...life is great.

All of the above are the dreams of the author....moi. LoL. All fictional de. Although the see me no up is rather true. But all are dreams. Still....don't see me no up.

- 23 October 2007, Tuesday -

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