Monday, October 22, 2007

Lame Sat

Sat went out with Feng before he went to work. Yes he was working last Sat. And the previous Sat and the one before that. He'd been cheonging alot of Sat and Sun. And me so kelian. Sigh. Anyway met up at 6+pm and we drove down to Parkway for dinner. Since I was craving for some western food and him something that does not have beef, we went to Fish & Co.

Being the smokers, we sat outside and smoked while waiting for our dinner. This table with Ah Ma, Ah Gong, Mama and a baby was sitting 2 tables away kept staring at me and Feng. Ehh...we can't stop the wind from blowing to your side right? Furthermore we're sitting at the smoking area. Nothing wrong. No need to stare at us and curse us. LoL.

After dinner, we went to Best Denki walk walk. The lame-ing session began. I was purchasing Superman Return as a surprise for Feng when he walked up to me. I told him that LOTR was on the TV behind him.

Him: *Pointing at the dragon thingy* Do you know what is that?
Me: *Excitedly* YES!! Me love LOTR. That's a monster lor!
Him: -_-"
Me: *Points at a man..can't rem the name* Ask me who is that leh
Him: Who is that
Me: A man lor!! *Giggles*
Him: -_-""
Me: Ok lah. I know who that girl is. Let me tell you ok?
Him: Ok..who is that girl.
Me: The girl who slayed that baddie lor!
Him: *Fainted*

Hahahaha...I can't remember their names lah. If you ask me the name of Orlando Bloom I know lah! Legolas lor! Keke. Selective memory. Next we went to Harvey Norman and saw this thing which you stick to the bottom of your laptop to cool the battery.

Me: What is this? To cool the laptop one ah
Him: Yah lah. Touch..see cold cold one
Me: Then I fever can stick to my head?
Him: Can try

We are damn crap. Long time never like this le. Sent him to work at 10+pm then went home. So kelian. But he promised he'll try not to work on Sat so can accompany me more! Yeah!

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