Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Photoshoot Gown

Went to meet my darling Erin yesterday to choose her photoshoot dress. Due to the stupid traffic jam (dad sent me there btw) and her knocking off late, we both reached the place at about 7:30pm. It is just opposite the DHL balloon. Nice place. Was kind of envying the couples there. Everyone's getting married. But me. Anyway, Erin went on to try her evening gown first, which I had promised NOT TO post on the blog, for fear of whoever is attending the wedding might see and spoil the surprise. She had the dress made to measure. It was specially designed for her. She told the designer what kind she wants and it was made according to her needs.

This is the name of the bridal shop. Inside rather classy. They have a couple of wedding gowns featured in the bridal magazine. And their window display damn nice. Too bad wedding cannot wear black, else my wedding I'll wear the black evening gown on display. Really nice. Erin also say nice. Sigh.

Erin just needed to choose a short skirt (she wanted it) for the photoshoot. She tried on 5 dresses and decided on 2 that will not be featured here. This is the first dress she tried on. She wanted something cute-sy. She's wearing the can-can (the pong pong thing) underneathe. This is OK lah, but looks normal. Out.

This one is actually different from the previous one. The skirt is more pong pong. Definitely out.

When Erin came out wearing this, I frowned. Like funny lor. The designer suggested to make the ends into balloon balloon de. Still looks weird. So Erin tried on another 2 more and decided to choose between those.

We stayed in the shop for quite a long time. By the time we went to have our dinner, it was 10pm liaoz. Went to Phin's for dinner and her husband, Jason, picked us up and sent us home. Thanks Jason! I hereby wish them a blissful marriage (not that they need it, they're blissful enough) forever.

I am just so jealous of them.

- 31 October 2007, Wednesday -

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