Monday, November 26, 2007

Dinner @ Dian Xiao Er

Dad promised to bring me for a peking duck feast after I recover from my wisdom tooth extraction. Since I fully recovered last week, my dad decided to bring us for dinner yesterday. I suggested going to Vivo City's 黑色会, but mom was against it, so I suggested going 店小二 at Marina Square. Called Feng to join us cause he was dota-ing at Katong with his friends. Feng took a cab down and arrived earlier than us. So he took a number and waited.

Since the number they were serving was 11 (our number was 24), dad and mom went for a walk around Marina Square. We pre-ordered our set dinner (can't remember the name but think it was the supreme or deluxe dinner set) and 5min after ordering, they had a table for us. Me and Feng went in and waited for my parents. We ordered Chinese tea and waited for our food.

First came the rice and the Ginseng roast duck. FANTASTIC. The last time I had their Tang Kwei Roast duck, which was fabulous too! Then came the shark's fin. Gao gao one! Not like the hotels where more soup and starch than anything else. It was shiok. There were bits of crabmeat!! Shiok shiok.

Anti-clockwise: Ginseng Roast Duck, Dong Po Meat, Sweet and Sour Sliced Fish and Shark Fin's soup.

I drank about half of my soup before I remembered to take picture. LoL.

After I finished my soup, the rest of the dishes came.

Anti-clockwise: Ginseng Roast Duck, Kai Lan with Seaweed and pork floss, Dong Po Meat, Sweet Pea with Mushroom, Seacucumber and Abalone and Sweet and Sour Sliced Fish

Dessert was Hashima Ginseng with red date. Total bill came up to slightly above $100. Set dinnner was $108 for 4 pax. Feng said the food gets 100%, but the serving too little. I find it ok lehz. Just nice. Mom was happy with the duck and asked how much was one duck. We found out the cheapest to be $36, and Tang Kwei Roast duck is $38 and the Ginseng Roast Duck is $40. *Slurp* My mom is in love with their duck. Haha!

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