Monday, November 26, 2007

P.S I Love You

Ekks!! Was surfing for the upcoming movies just now and what did I see?!?! I saw that P.S I Love You is showing on the 27th of December!! Ekkkkkkks!! When I first read the book, I was crying ever few pages. Really damn nice the book!!!

And now they're going to make it into a MOVIE!! Ok ok...actually they had already made it into a movie. Cecilia Ahern is really a talented author. This book had me craving for the movie. Actually it was Cecilia Ahern's book, If You Could See Me Now, that caught my attention to this author. Then I started buying other book of hers. P.S. I Love You was one of the books I had read and had fallen deeply in love with. I cried and cried. I wish all Cecilia Ahern's books will turn into a movie!

I am so gonna watch this show! It's about Holly, a female who had lost her husband to cancer. Her husband, knowing that Holly is used to depending on him, had sent her short notes, or things-to-do when he's no longer around. Each letter ends with a P.S. I Love You. Each month she does the things he had written in the note..and slowly she learnt to stand up on her own and let go........