Sunday, December 23, 2007

Great Unknown Restaurant In Kallang

I am very picky when it comes to food. What people might think is nice, I might not think it's nice. But if I think the food is nice, most prob people will think it's nice too. Sue came over to my house to marinate the food for tomorrow's BBQ session. We finished around 7pm, so my dad brought us out for dinner. Mum suggested going to Kallang Leisure Park (yes it is STILL around. Finish renovating most of it le) since there is a Cold Storage there and I can shop for last min stuff for the BBQ.

Initially we wanted to go Thai Village. Apparently so did the 4359828074 people infront of us. Ok there weren't that much, but there were at least 6 people in the waiting list. I was hungry, so was Sue. We decided to walk around and came to this restaurant, 皇家, at #01-01 Kallang Leisure Park. Sue and I were wearing slippers and shorts, but the captain greeted us with smiles. 1 star for them.

皇家, or Royalty House, is located at #01-01, just next to Pasta Mania.

The receptionist (or whatever you call them), asked for my dad's name and number. I also don't know why. They are all smiles. That's something I like, cause people who dress shabbily might not be poor. Remember, the feet that you step on today might be the ass you would have to kiss tomorrow. LoL.

The black menu lists all the set dinners and their prices. I can tell you, with great services like theirs, the pricing is not cheap. Cheapest set dinner is $68++/pax. LoL. With 2 waitresses/waiters serving you, what you expect? Sue see le also jaw drop. So did I....almost. LoL.

This is in one corner of the restaurant, where the couples will be sat. Red = love/passion. Nice ambience. Plus one more star.

It is a Chinese restaurant, but it has chandeliers. It's kind of East-meets-West ambience, but the food is Chinese food.

This is the appetizer that was provided to us. Guess what's that? It's winter melon soaked with orange juice. Supposed to whet the appetite and cool us down. Originality = plus one more star.

This is a complimentary drink from them. Fruit punch made from real fruits! It's natural and sweet, and the cherry compliments the drink. I just couldn't bear to drink everything down in one big gulp! It's so nice lor!!!!

From top left: Sweet & Sour Pork, Beansprouts with Mushroom and Soy Chicken. Let me tell you something, their bowls are made in such a way that it's tilted, so you can reach easily for the veggies. And the sweet & sour pork...*drool* It's nt too sweet nor is it too sour. The balance is just right and they fry it with lychee instead of pineapple, I can tell you it makes the pork taste JUST OH SO GOOD!! And the veggie, it's not oily and it's simple and nice!! As for the soy chicken...nothing special lah. LoL. I do belive that they do not put too must MSG inside their food cause we are not to thirsty even after 2 hours later. THREE thumbs up!! Another star.

We ordered red garoupa. And it is cooked to such perfection that you are unable to pick up the fish with your chopsticks!! It just melts into your mouth. Just thinking of it makes me hungry now. Oh yah, thank you to those waiter/waitress who tahan-ed my father's jokes. You guys are great!!

Since they are having a promotion now, for every $150 and above you spend at 皇家, they will deduct $50 from your total bill. Since we were short of $9, they suggested that we order dessert. Guess what I ordered? Haha!

The top is egg custard with something something. Dad and mom shared that, and the name was just...well, too difficult to pronounce. I ordered my Hashima with snow pear. Keke. I shared that with Sue, but Sue doesn't seem to like to eat hashima. The hashima is gao gao one lor!! Although 店小二 not bad, but they are very stingy with the hashima. This one really nice!! Although nice is too vague a description to describe what I had enjoyed during my 1hour at 皇家 restaurant.

Before leaving, they had asked me to complete the survey form. I looked at all of them and told them only one word to describe their service and restaurant: 赞. I'm not joking. I told my dad, initially I thought 黑色会 was something, that is until I walked into 皇家. It really blew my socks off. I told the captain that I am going to write a review on their food and restaurant in my blog, and he thanked me! Piangz! What good service lor! Seriously, go have a look around. They have another branch in Central, which is under another name that I can't remember. LoL.

Oh yah, just in case you were wondering, the total bill for appetizer, fruit punch, 4 dishes, 5 bowls of rice, free flow of tea, dad's dessert and my hashima, came up to about $120. That is after the deduction of $50 that is. Believe me, their service damn good and their food damn nice. LoL. Worth a try.