Thursday, December 27, 2007

I Am Legend

After must complaint from Shannen (every morning at work!!) that I did not update my blog, I guess I better do so. LoL. Anyway, I went to watch I Am Legend with the BR gang (Mike, Shuhui, James, Celest, Nelson, David, Ah Pek, Alan, me and Feng) on Xmas day. We watched the midnight show after my class' Xmas eve celebration. So technically we watched it on 24th, but it was past midnight...well you get the idea.

In this movie, Will Smith (Robert Neville), is the last man on earth. He has no companion except his dog, Samantha. Abit like Resident Evil, but then the zombie/vampire/freaks (whatever you call them) are much more intelligent than the ones in Resident Evil. And the fact that they don't come out during the day makes it less freaky, cause at last Will Smith has the morning to do whatever he wants.

This movie, everyone was affected by a virus, which is supposedly to cure cancer. Cancer it did cure, but it also turned them into vampires. (The official website claims that they are vampires.) The virus started spreading and there are many who are resistant to the virus, but died/turned into vampires after being bitten by them. Will Smith is the only one left (so he thought) and for 3 years, he will try to survive each day and find a cure if possible.

As for the rest of the story...well..not going to spoil it for you, but trust me, go watch.

After the show, we were discussing and laughing, saying that we should avoid dark places and go out in the morning more often and such. Nel told me to give him all my money since the world is going to be like that in 2009 Sept. Not very far from now. LoL. I believe I am the zombie, cause I feel so lethargic in the morning but exceptionally alert at night. Hmm..maybe it's not so bad being a "zombie/vampire/freak". Better than those manequin. I guess what freaked me out the most in this show are the manequins. I always have a little fear towards those inanimate objects, which looked so lifelike. And having the "third-eye" like mine, you'll be freaked out at night when you walk pass them. I always have this feeling that manequins come to life at night and seriously, that freaked me out. Give me souls and spirits anytime. No manequin please!! over, now it's back to work. Haha.

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