Thursday, December 27, 2007

When I'm Afraid

You know sometimes there are some shows that you wana watch, even though it's scary and might scare the shit out of you? Well, maybe that only happens to me. Since I can see "things" sometimes, I try not to watch scary movies that often, so I won't imagine so much. But sometimes, the movie tends to tempt me. I would give all I have to watch it. The latest being I Am Legend.

During the movie, there are some parts where I was freaked out (I'm very 胆小 one) and I would use Feng's hands to cover my eyes. Of course his fingers are not closed, cause I wana watch the movie, yet scared. 又怕又要看,you know that kind? LoL. Apparently I was surfing one of my favourite cartoonist website, Maggie Market, I saw that she is like that too! Haha!

This is how it is like when I watch a scary movie with Feng. If Feng not around then I'll use my own hand. Somehow, grabing onto his hands tightly (he jumped everytime I hold his hand tightly..think he kena scared by me more than the scary parts in movies) and having his other hand cover my eyes make me feel comforted and safe...