Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Walk Down the Memory Lane

A walk down MY memory lane. Of me being slim. Damn! Judy from our "sister company" (we share same boss, but different company name) came down just now and Auntie Lee commented that Judy had slimmed down. So I asked Judy to turn a round and I saw that her butt is now flat!! So I asked her how much she lost, and she told me she lost 8KGS within 2 mths! WTF. If I lost 8KGS, I'll be as slim as the time I just joined this company! I want my figure back!! Sob.

Some friends say I'm tall, so it's ok. But then you know how attractive I was last (2006) March? LoL. Standing at 1.7m with flat tummy lehz! OK lah not totally flat, but nevertheless, still slim lor! I logged on to WLNY and found all the pictures I uploaded. I decided to share with you guys and hopefully someone will comment me and maybe pek me to futher diet!!! Sob. I need to lost 8KGS. Erin's wedding is in Feb 2008. Just nice 2 months....

This is me, at 2005, doing my attachment. Dec - March. Damn fat. I was attached to Kevin then. Idiotic Kevin always bring me around eating good food. LoL. K la k la...thanks lah Kevin. Thanks for bringing me to eat nice food around SG.

Huiling, Eugene and me. This was taken in 2004 or 2005 October ba. We were at Siglap celebrating Eugene's bday. Last time he also damn fat de lor! LoL. We looked like members of 胖胖俱乐部 hor? So evil of me...but then last time I was damn fat lah! I weighed 72KG at my fattest stage. Or is it 74KG? Cause once I weighed 72, I didn't dare step close to the weighing machine. =(

This was taken at Eugene's grad ceremony. He slimmed down alot hor!! Hmm...2005 March if I'm not wrong. I was still a little plump. Fat. Whatever.

This is me! After I grad if I don't remember wrongly. Nopez..think 2005 also. It's the angle lah. I wasn't slim. LoL.

This was me, Jan 2006. After Doreen/Victor's ROM, went to meet up with Suefong and co. And yes, I was slim already. Cuase Kevin dumped me and I had no appetite to eat for a week. And I became like this. Chio hor?

Is this taken in Jan 2006? Think so ba..cause taken after I went Chartered Semicon for interview. LoL. Face damn sharp.

CNY 2006 at my house. Huiling, me, Suefong and Erin. arms damn small. Now so big!! *Wails*

Hmmz...think around Feb or March of 2006. AND THIS TEE IS THE SAME TEE THAT I WORE FOR EUGENE'S GRAD. Sob.

Taken during Chan Yeh's bday in 2006 March. Still maintaining my size.....I missed my pretty clothes!!

Me and Erin on 25th March 2006. They were celebrating my bday for me in advance. I LOOK DAMN PRETTY!!! @#$%^& Cannot, I must definitely diet.

LOOK AT MY ARMS LOOK AT MY ARMS LOOK AT MY ARMS!! Look at the first picture above and compare that to THIS!! *Cries*

ARGH!! DOUBLE CHIN!! Me and Mike celebrating James' bday last year. Can't remember when. =P Sorry bro. Think I spotted a triple chin...or....

This was taken last year in October, celebrating Mid-Autumn festival as well as Eugene's bday. I am the one in black tee.

Me and my cousin on Sept 30 2006. Elder cousin's wedding. Hey I still look not bad wor.

Me and Eugene. He slimmed down alot hor? Maybe I should go for BMT training also. =P Oh yah...think I started wearing specs from here cause the contact lens started giving me problems.

The company paid trip to HK Disneyland for the 3 of us in Oct 2006. My engineer, Baohua, my SG colleague Sharon and me. Starting to get fat le!! Help!

Think our roles changed. I'm the fat female with a thin Pooh Bear. *Demoralised*

Need I say more? This is my family on my graduation day, Sep 2006. I was starting to get fat le. All Feng's fault. =P

OK...Shannen don't get jealous hor. This is a group photo. And I didn't have any other pic that I look slim in during the D&D in Dec 2006. That time still not that fat leh. But then comparing this pic and the one taken in March...piangz big difference man.

Me this year March!! ARGH!! I'm fat AND ugly! Seriously, I think I should just shoot myself and die before I start polluting the SG streets. This is not soothing on the eyes.

The "slimmest" photo I had. Taken with my brother, Philip, who happened to slimmed down enough to be an air steward! Didi, must teach jiejie how to slim down lehz!

OMG. I really look fat. This was taken recently lah. For the movie Ratatouille. With Feng. But then Feng also fat. =P

Yeah I finally look slimmer! Duh, just came back from my China trip wor. Was sent to China to work for 2 weeks. Came back like that. Sharon said that I slim very fast...but then I grow fast too!

This is my latest pic. Seriously I thought I looked slightly better, that is until my agent/colleauge told me that my picture is very fat. -_-" Then I told her this is my current size and she was shocked, cause last Dec she just saw me.

Sigh. Over the past 1 year plus I am with this company, I had gained 8 - 11kgs. Recently just shed 2kgs. I need to shed another 8kgs before attending Erin's wedding. Seriously, I look so fat and ugly, it's a wonder why Feng still love me. Sigh. Gonna start my diet regime le...not gonna touch any carbohydrates for the next 2 months. Gonna cut down on my food intake until I can wear back my pretty clothes! Cheer me on people, and if you guys see me gorging myself silly, slap me on my hands or just grab my food away! Seriously I'm now so turned off by my looks, I don't feel like eating lunch no more. Saded. Gonna go kampia and hopefully I'll get into coma, and I'll slim down. Crazy me. =)

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Joycie said...

Cannot give up on carbs! I've did a series blog about toning so we work out together and gambatteh k!