Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Button Mushroom with Garlic

I went shopping with my parents on Sunday, and bought button mushroom. So decided to cook it yesterday. Mom was like huh? How you cook? LoL. Very simple and healthy dish ok!! No preservatives de!!

One of the most important ingrediet, garlic!! DUH! Garlic kills germs ok! I like it small, so I chopped it till it's very small. Looks like alot hor? Actually ok lah. Then will have garlic smell ma.

And of course! Button mushroom! Slice it. LoL. Like shown in the picture. We only bought 1 packet of Pasar Button Mushroom. Too bad Feng wasn't around to taste this.

To cook, just put some olive oil and stir fry the garlic until you can smell the fragrance of the garlic. Then just throw in mushroom and add ground black pepper and salt to taste. How saltish you want, you put. Mom suggested I put oyster sauce. Kaoz. How can!! Then not nice le! I like my mushroom like this.

Tadah! No worries. The mushroom will "give out" water de. So no need to put water. But I put about a tablespoon of water lah. I want the sauce you see. Overall, quite nice! Keke. Mom was shocked also. In the end we ate finish the mushroom! LoL. Nice nice....*drool*

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