Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My New Toy

This thing makes me very excited. It's a money-eating gadget. LoL. I was so hooked onto this toy that for a period of time, I was spending my Saturday nights with it. But then I can't play alone. I need people to play it with me. My usual kakis are all males. They love playing with this too...

Oh mahjong!! Glorious mahjong!! LoL. Went to buy the whole set just now. At where? You'll never guess. ^_^ 7-11!! Apparently the whole set (table and tiles), costs only $59. It was my mom, the only non-mj player in our house, who told me of this. We went over to 7-11 after dinner. And since action speaks louder than words, I went to pay for the whole package before my mom could decide. LoL. She says she wana learn also mah..

Yeah!! Now I can jio people come my house and play mahjong le!! Eh jiemei (Thomas), you say you wana come eat my money..put horse come here! LoL. You and ur gf, Melissa, and me and Feng! Hua hua gave me an intensive training just now while mom was bathing..he was teaching me how to calculate the "fan". Apparently I know how to play, just don't know how to count. =P

Mom was cuter!! For the past 25 years, I'd never seen my mom pout before! She actually did it just now when she don't know she could pong! Haha! Damn cute lor. Next time must take picture of how my mom play mahjong..she damn cute lah. Say she don't want to discard any tiles when she's zhng. Dotz. Then whenever my dad pong, my mom says he play cheat since he knows all her tiles. Haha!! Love my new toy man....can't wait to psycho Feng to play with my parents this Sat.....

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