Sunday, January 6, 2008

Chocolate-y Saturday!

Feng had to work on Sat, so we met up around 630 and drove to TM for our dinner. He wanted to eat Ajisen and so we went Ajisen to eat. Being the smokers we are, we sat outside at the smoking table. A group of family came over and sat behind us, and started grumbling about the 2nd hand smoke they're breathing in. Seriously, if you're that affected, don't sit outside where there are smoking areas. @#$%

After dinner, Feng was watching some graphics advert for PS3, so I went to Times bookstore. I told myself I am not going to buy anymore story books. But in the end I was armed with 3 books. Feng caught me by surprised and forced me to choose only one. *Pouts* I just hurriedly walked to the cashier and paid up. =P

We then went to G2000, where he bought a top and a pair of khaki berms. I had the G2000 member card, so it's 40% discount + additional 15% for members only. While he was paying, I went to G2blu and looked for shorts and tops. But the sales asst there are so fucked up and stucked up, I just left without buying anything.

What I'm going to write next is the highlight of the day. LoL. Feng needs to be at his workplace by 11pm. After shopping, it was around 945pm. We went over to CS and went straight to Haagen Dazs. LoL. Guess what did we order? We each ordered a milkshake, mine being coffee milkshake and his, strawberry cheesecake milkshake. We did take photos..but it's with his phone. =(

We ordered something that silly Feng had never tried before: Chocolate Fondue. Looks great doesn't it? This is the special chocolate something something. It costs $43. LoL. And it's my treat. The waffles tastes nice with the chocolate fondue lor! One side is a normal chocolate, the other is mint chocolate. Feng said pineapple goes nice with the chocolate. I didn't try cause I hate apples and pineapples.

We had so much fun eating!! But most of the time I was laughing at Feng cause his "spearing skills" sucks. Those ice cream that he tries to dip into the chocolate always melts inside the pot!!!! Argh. Every ice cream he spears never fails to drop. One even dropped onto his palm and he had to go toilet to clean up. Haha! So lousy! =P

Our fondue came at 10pm, and we paid up and finished everything (including our drinks) by 1030pm. I got him to work on time and I went home. Sigh. Poor me...Sat so early reach home. But it was damn fantastic. Too bad I don't really like chocolate. For when I went home, I vomitted out all the chocolate. Tsk tsk tsk. Think I'm allergic to chocolate fondue. Next I want to try cheese fondue!! Any recommendations?

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