Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Clothes I Tried

Mentioned yesterday that I went Nicchi on Sat to buy blue dress (courtesy of my Princess Erin, who insisted that all the "jie meis" wear blue for her traditional tea ceremony...IN FEB!) and seriously hor, I thought blue dress very easy to buy lehz. But when I went into Nicchi, I was swamped with browns, blacks, whites and reds. Oh yah..and greens too! The selection of blue dress is like....well...let's just say it was easy to spot blue cause it stood out from the rest of the colors.

I took a dress (cause I ain't getting out of there w/o getting what I want) and wanted to queue up. Then I saw another dress and took it in also. I was queueing up when I started sneezing. I had flu that day you see. Then the assistants were blaming each other for my sneezing. They were discussing about my sneezing as if I'm not there! *Faint* Anyway....

This is the first dress I tried. I LOOK FAT. I didn't even managed to zip up the dress. HELLO. Not at the waist area thank you. The zip wouldn't go up at my rib cage area. I'm big boned...told my friends MANY MANY times. Some agreed..and some, like Rin and Sue, said that I needed to lose some weight and flabs. @#$% Anyway this dress out cause 1: I can't wear it. 2: It's not machine washable, dry clean only. -_-"

TADAH! This is the dress that I bought for $39.90 only! Not bad except it made me look like a pregnant lady from certain angles. But...what the heck. Friends should know that I don't like to try clothes. I'll just take the first thing I see, try and fit into. LoL. And as usual, I forgot to look at the price tag and promptly went to pay...it was until I got my receipt then I realised it was only $39.90. LoL. Oh well...this Sat going Nicchi again to do my CNY clothes shopping with Huiling...keke...

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